Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You can't spell 'liberal' without L-I-E

Via NewsAlert:
As you know, a few years back, as a gag, the [Massachusetts] Legislature passed a bill allowing the state’s pony-tailed, trust-funded liberals to voluntarily pay at the old 5.85 percent income tax rate, rather than at the reduced 5.3 percent rate.
Considering that in 2000, 40 percent of the electorate voted against cutting the state income tax, you might have expected hundreds of thousands of the blow-in drifters now squatting in Cambridge and Brookline and Amherst to voluntarily ante up.
But no. The state, it appears, is teeming with Leona Helmsleys. Taxes are for the little people, not the Beautiful People.
Here are the latest DOR numbers. As of yesterday, 640,783 individual taxpayers had filed their 2008 returns. Of those 640,783, exactly 293 opted to pay at the higher 5.85 percent rate.
Read the whole thing by Howie Carr of the Boston Herald.


  1. I am willing to bet that none of 293 had a last name of Kennedy Kerry or Heinz.

  2. Not directly pertinent to this post, but you can't spell 'liberal' without L-I-B-E-L, either.