Friday, February 20, 2009


"Men see bikini-clad women as objects, psychologists say."

Like you needed an expert to tell you that . . . and, I hasten to add, if you think we see them as objects when they're wearing bikinis, imagine how we view them when they're totally stark naked.

UPDATE: Donald Douglas includes a bikini-clad hottie in his analysis of this ground-breaking research (Rule 5). And, rather than merely reacting viscerally to the headline, he actually quotes the article:
New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with handling tools and the intention to perform actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis.
OK, resisting the temptation to a homo faber pun, I'll say this explains why I call my wife "The Hammer."

UPDATE II: Jame Joyner gives no linky-love, but still he's good people anyway.

UPDATE III: Noted expert Jules Crittenden:
Well, yeah. It’s a holdover from adolescence, when the sight of a girl in a bikini makes any guy want to handle his tool. Later on, the guy learns how to use dinner, movies, flowers, flattery, alcohol, that kind of stuff . . .
Jules, you forgot "sense of humor." Chicks like a sense of humor, especially when it belongs to a millionaire Adonis driving a Porsche. Or a 73-year-old French billionaire. With a billion dollars, chicks will think you're hilarious.


  1. Meh. Women see men as subjects.

  2. Er, up to a point, Lord Copper:

  3. Actually, we see women as objects when they pose for public or entertainment display.

    Visit a family-oriented, nude recreation venue. Learn that the smile is important, the rest of the features are merely interesting, for a moment.

    Let a nekkid, half-nekkid, or clothed person start putting on a sexual show, or emphasize sexual features, moves, or innuendo, though - and voiler, you gots a sexual object.

    For the most part, bikini's are intended to emphasize sexual characteristics. Like breast enhancement, nipple and genital piercings, the person invests themselves as mere expressions of a sexual object. Horrors be if someone takes them as what they make of themselves.

    For people that confuse sexual displays with mere nudity - stop showing them beer commercials and car ads and promotions. Teach them about respect, honor, character - and get them honest work.