Friday, February 20, 2009

News from Weimar America

Dan Riehl has a roundup of headlines pointing us down the road toward socialist tyranny, to be followed by anarchist chaos, to be followed by . . .


  1. The sad thing is that, in the coming revolution, people who desperately needed to be dragged to the wall and shot will not be dragged to the wall and shot.

    (sorry, dour mood today)

  2. Yeah, but there are taxpayer demonstrations going on in major cities, and lots of coordination happening on the internet.
    Speaking of which, is there any thought of putting a few leaves in the Potomac during CPAC next week?
    Some kind of Bring Your Own Tin event?
    Possibly you could suggest an appropriate spot for a photo op.

  3. Will Weimar America also mean stuff like cabaret performers in garter belts and bowler hats? Because in that case, count me in!

  4. Dave C.
    Have faith. Some of the DBs will be shot. Just not all of them.

  5. Man, nothing brightens my day like being privy to the absolutely stupid,scary fantasy world that you Cons live in. With your silly revolutionary narratives and paranoid alternative your reality so bad that you willingly escape into your make-believe world of Communist conspiracies and marxist melodrama?
    No wonder Allen Keyes is flying off the deep end....