Thursday, February 19, 2009

Idiot who can't type: 'Kill QWERTY'

Absolute idiocy from a guy with an MBA and a law degree.

I rock along somewhere upwards of 60 words per minute. I actually learned to use the tool. Whereas Marc Pascal is a tool.

QWERTY rules. Anybody can get Mavis Beacon and be touch-typing 30 wpm in about six weeks with a little practice. Or not. But don't insist that the tool is flawed because you're too lazy to learn to use it.


  1. Im loving this part of your marketing strategy. Your damn good at it. Lol!

  2. Again, you've missed the key point in the debate.
    QWERTY vs. Dvorak vs. a wire jacked into your skull isn't the point.
    Some younger bloke would have to engage in some archaic activity called "work" (whatever that was) to emulate your prowess.
    This has been replaced by a far more immediately gratifying activity called "whining".