Thursday, February 19, 2009

Honkies are too uptight

That seems to be the basic point of a Tufts University research project about how "self-control" -- self-censorship might be a better phrase -- isn't the answer to better race relations. (Via Kathy Shaidle who, of course, is completely out of control. And yes, I do mean that as a compliment.)

Personally, I feel that there are inherent limitations to what "experts" can tell us about race, just as there are limits to what "experts" can tell us about sex. Common sense and careful observation will teach you just as much in the long run.

Richard Spencer, who witnessed the lunacy of the Duke lacrosse "rape" fiasco as a Duke student, has some wry observations.


  1. If and when I finally get that Human Rights Commission complaint, I am totally calling those docs as expert witnesses

  2. As Jules Crittenden succintly put it: "OK, but did they have a control group yelled at by Al Sharpton?"

    There's a reason people self-censor. If the individuals in the study had been confronted with a negative reaction, their "guarded" behavior would have snapped back in place so fast it would have made the investigators' heads swim.