Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hobo teen rape menace

No one is safe from the "homeless" criminals:
Indianapolis - Police arrested a man wanted in connection with a robbery and attempted rape of a 17-year-old on January 4th. . . .
Police got a break when officers arrested [41-year-old hobo Louis] McCoin on a shoplifting charge. At that point they realized McCoin was wanted on the other charges.
McCoin faces charges of Criminal Deviate Conduct, A Felony, and Criminal Confinement, B Felony with a $100,000 bond. He was arrested on those charges and transported to the Arrestee Processing Center.
It's more common than you think.

UPDATE: What did I tell you?
BERKELEY, CA -- A homeless man who recently was released from state prison has been arrested on suspicion of peeping, prowling, burglary, sexual battery and a parole violation in connection with a prowling incident in Berkeley last Thursday night, police spokesman Andrew Frankel said today.
Frankel said 46-year-old James Beldin, who was released from state prison early this month, allegedly peered into a residence in the 2000 block of Parker Street on Thursday night.
Frankel said one of the alleged victims discovered a prowler who was using a ladder to peep into his girlfriend's second floor apartment window.
Ever since the 1980s, when liberals seized on "homelessness" as a tactic to portray the Reagan administration as the second coming of Herbert Hoover, the media have been trying to brainwash Americans to believe that every bum and wino is an innocent victim of circumstance. It's not true.

Many of those we call "homeless" are psychotics who have been set loose on the streets by the Carter-era policy of "deinstitutionalizing" the mentally ill. Others are recently-paroled criminals who are so anti-social -- drug-addicted, violent or just plain obnoxious -- that their own families won't have anything to do with them.

Liberals who yammer on about the "root causes" of the problem completely miss the point that, whatever the cause of the problem in the past tense, the present-tense reality is that you've got crazies, dopeheads and felons wandering the streets, protected by the cloak of victimhood that liberals have draped around them. And when you call to their attention this reality -- hobo sex offenders who threaten the safety of innocent citizens -- you're accused of "blaming the victim," as if the dopehead criminal bum were more of a victim than his actual victims.

Homelessness is not a "poverty" problem. Poverty alone does not cause homelessness. If you want to understand why this is so, you should read Adam Shephard's excellent new book, Scratch Beginnings: Me, $25, and the Search for the American Dream. Seeking to refute Barbara Ehrenreich's thesis in Nickel and Dimed -- that the poor were structurally prevented from escaping poverty by the inherent unfairness of capitalism -- Shephard set out with $25 in his pocket, relocated to a town he'd never been to, moved into a homeless shelter, and took work as a day laborer. Within a matter of months, by hard work and thrift, he had saved up enough money to rent his own apartment, buy a used truck, and had thousands of dollars in the bank.

You should read that book, and also read Thomas Sowell's The Vision of the Anointed Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy, which explains exactly what's wrong with the liberal mentality that conceives of drug-addicted sociopathic criminals as homeless "victims."

UPDATE II: Linked by noted hobophobe Kathy Shaidle.

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