Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ace is in Beirut?

(BUMPED; UPDATES BELOW.) Filming a PJTV special, "Babes of Beirut"? Or so says Little Miss Attila, who adds:
As they say: we've established that you're a cyber-whore; we're just haggling over price. Which of course makes me a street-walker in comparison to Stacy and the high-end escort service he provides . . .
Look, traffic is traffic, Attila, but you've got to know the magic formula: High tech gizmos and a sexy brunette. If the combination of a Palm Pre and Anne Hathaway doesn't get Glenn Reynolds' attention . . . well, you can call me "John."

(H/T: Frequent commenter Smitty for the slim pretext to blog about Anne Hathaway, as if I needed a pretext.)

UPDATE: Confirmation from an AOSHQ Moron:
Sorry...he swore us to secrecy. He said if we told anyone about his trip, he'd tell the police about the hobos in the crawlspace.
Which is, BTW, Rule 6 on How to Get a Million Hits On Your Blog: Hatin' on hobos.

UPDATE II: Crap. Ace blew his own cover, and I missed it. Foundation junket. Schwweeeet! Got the blog-fu working.


  1. You can leave those hits on the bureau, Mr. McCain . . .

  2. Hey, man: I have a reputation to demolish.