Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Justifying the stimulus

Jacob Sullum on the pretzel-logic of it all:
The central idea of the stimulus plan, he said last week, is "to put Americans back to work doing the work America needs to be done." These are "not just any jobs"; there are "jobs that meet the needs we've neglected for far too long, jobs that lay the groundwork for long-term economic growth; jobs fixing our schools; computerizing medical records to save costs and save lives; jobs repairing our roads and our bridges and our levees; jobs investing in renewable energy to help us move towards energy independence." In other words, these are jobs that are totally worth doing on their own merits, because they will deliver benefits that exceed their costs. Regardless of the economy's condition, according to Obama, this money would be well spent.
Which is to say, Democrats have just dressed up their pet projects in "stimulus" drag, so that if you criticize Project X or Project Y, you're "anti-recovery." And the media are too busy drooling all over Obama to notice the dishonesty of it all.


  1. It's going to be even more fun watching them try to justify the "stimulus" next year when the economy is in the dumper and a ticking political time bomb is about to go off: the expiration of the Bush tax cuts (yes, he did do SOME good things).

    When Obama and the Democrats are repeating the mantra that "we can no longer afford these tax cuts" while the economy is struggling and Republicans are highlighting all the wasteful pork of the "stimulus" bill (along with statements in the congressional record by David Obey and Chuckie Schumer), the mental gymnastics will be something that would leave even an underage Chinese Olympian in awe.

    I don't look forward to the increased tax rates that are inevitably coming. But I do look forward to watching the desperate lengths that Democrats will go to defend them - and the political fallout that will inevitably occur.

  2. Oh brother...
    I think 1328 is hitting that proverbial bong that is the Retaliban-wishful-thinking pipe.
    Sure, it might help some of you get through your miserable days as the irrelevant minority party.
    But your fantasy outcome is as ridiculous as another wishful-thinking mantra; remember " We'll be greeted as Liberators" ?
    Get a hair cut hippie!

  3. It's not that the media are too busy drooling to notice, they just don't care about the dishonesty.