Friday, February 20, 2009

New video: WHO SHOULD PAY?

Based on the documentary Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution, this 30-minute film will be released this spring. (Excuse the formatting issue: The original is in HD letterbox. This is a roughcut edit.)


  1. My hope is that this video is shown far and wide. My fear is that I've seen its only showing. I seriously doubt that the major networks are ready to hear African-Americans speak like this?

    The sad part is that the money quote is at the end where the guy says that blacks can walk away from this reparations notion far quicker than whites. Sad, because it will never see the light of day.

  2. Right track, needs work.

    Tell Eric Holder we're talking about race.

  3. Amazing video...bravo...

    While I haven't heard cries for reparations in a while however, it does show something interesting in the "radical republican" history section at the beginning - anytime a group takes a stand on principal and on moral grounds and speaks to liberty and freedom, they are successful. Compare that to the past 10 years or so since Brother Newt left congress where the Republican stance has been to parse, appease, and try to be populist instead of principled. Truth sells. We should find some and open up a lemonade stand...