Monday, February 16, 2009

Overnight music video

For some unfathomable reason, Smitty posted this video on my Facebook wall:

So we might as well have a video music fest. "My Sharona":

How 'bout some Beatles?

Since we seem to be in pure power-pop mode here, how about some Nick Lowe?

From power-pop to harmolodic funk. Here's a rare cut, Bell & James, "You Never Know What You've Got," 1978:

Did somebody say "funk"? Baby, let's bring the beats -- Heatwave, "Grooveline":

Aw, now you got me in that Old School groove, gotta hit the kickspin with some Brothers Johnson,"Stomp":

Yeah, the crowd screams, "One more! One more!" Better get ready to get up and jam, 'cause this one's the last groove of the night -- Gap Band, "Early in the Morning":


  1. Meanwhile, from the classical side of things, there's this. That has absolutely no relation to current or future events.

  2. So, you deny that's you on lead vocal for The Eye of Fatima? Just checking.
    In any case, the lyrics offer as good a summary as any of the stimulus package:
    And this here's a government experiment
    and we're driving like Hell
    To give some cowboys some Acid
    and to stay in motels