Sunday, February 15, 2009

Actually a little bit funny

Dan Ackroyd's John Boehner impression is good -- he's got the gravelly pack-and-a-half-a-day voice down cold -- and while the political content is obviously distorted, it's serviceable as parody:

Of course, the sketch is grossly unfair to Eric Cantor -- a very smart politician -- but unfairness in humor is part of the game at "SNL."


  1. What I found interesting is the longer that skit went, the less audience laughter and applause came forth.

    IMHO, the audience did NOT think it was funny.

    And it wasn't.

  2. Sure, the GOP deserves to be pilloried for abandonment of priciple/turning into Democrats,
    but the way the skit studiously ignored the Largest Theft In Human History makes your review a generous one.

  3. Look, I can laugh at Republicans, and Lord knows they deserve it, but that was simply the dumbest opening sketch I have ever seen on SNL. It was just Democrat talking points dressed up as a comedy sketch.

  4. awww....wepublicans are a wittle upset with the skit.

    To quote Homer Simpson: " It's funny because it's true."

    Of course the GOP deserves to be pilloried, but not for the reasons that Smitty puts forth. Sometimes ridicule is more thought provoking than it is laughter provoking. And the skit was not Democrat talking points. It was an observation of what the Retaliban party is today, which is nothing more than a bunch of politicians( in the worst sense) with nothing to offer and a soap-box from which to offer it.
    Which brings me to Arlen Specter pointing out that behind the scenes Retalibans are all for the Stimulus package. But since your party is run by the troglodytes on talk -radio, they have abandoned any principle they had left for fear of retribution at the hands of disc-jockeys and the idiots who believe them.
    Oh, and how about the fact that some Retalibans are trying to capitalize on the passing of the stimulus bill? Is anyone talking about the PR campaign some Retalibans who voted against the bill are now engaged in?
    Pilloried? Ridiculed?
    The GOP is so downright ludicrous that it becomes a little difficult to laugh at it all.
    Of course, for many Retalibans on this thread, the joke is simply over their heads.
    PS- The skit was grossly unfair to Eric Cantor?
    Oh please let him be the new Sarah that we can ridicule into irrelevance....

  5. @Y4E:
    Of course, for many Retalibans on this thread, the joke is simply over their heads.
    Please, tell me the PuffingtonHost is sending you to CPAC as a correspondent (burka optional, as you cruise amidst the Retaliban fanatics).
    I should like to buy you the beverage of your choice, in admiration of what a complete hoot you are, sir.