Friday, September 26, 2008

Another 'celebrity' you never heard of

OK, maybe you've heard of Aubrey O'Day, but I hadn't. She was apparently "discovered" on MTV's "Making the Band." She reportedly dated another pseudo-celebrity, DJ Cassidy. But I was just over on WeSmirch trolling for celebrity news and came across this photo at Hollywood Tuna:

Now, you're probably asking yourself, "Why is this half-dressed trollop being featured on a right-wing political blog?" Two reasons:
  1. O'Day was appearing at an event for "Declare Yourself," a youth-voter registration project; and
  2. Sometimes even I get bored with politics.
Let's face it, once you skip past the "inside sources say" details, politics is not really that complicated. Congress either will or will not pass the bailout. John McCain either will or will not participate in tonight's debate with Obama. The hype and the drama are evanescent phenomena, and once it's over with, nobody cares. Frankly, a lot of people never cared to begin with.

If I'm getting bored with politics, I figured blog readers might be getting bored, too. Which means it's time to do a little babe-blogging. So yesterday, I informed you that ultra-hottie Natalie Portman's single again, and that Hugh Hefner might have to let some bunnies go. Today, I've given you a Britney update and now ... well, this: A semi-famous pop starlet holding a poodle and displaying about 40% of her right breast.

It's a cry for help. These politicians need to get their acts together and start doing something truly interesting, otherwise I might have to link some photos of Kelly Carrington, another one of those famous-for-being-famous naked celebrities bimbos. If they cancel tonight's debate, who knows what might happen? I might have to start babe-blogging full-time.

UPDATE: Speaking of hotties, I just turned on "Fox & Friends" and saw Kirsten Powers say of McCain's skip-the-debate ploy, "It's gimmicky ... but he might get away with it." Unfortunately, Kirsten wasn't half-dressed and holding a poodle when she said that, so it's still boring.

UDATE II: At Conservative Grapevine, Justin Hawkins links bikini babe Jillian Beyor. But she's got super-obvious breast implants, which is a total deal-killer with me. Actual breasts are not gravity-defying spheres, and silicone is not sexy. Ladies: Make the best of what God gave you, buy a Wonderbra or something, but please please please don't get those implants.

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  1. Andy Garcia gets my attention, even without a poodle and fully dressed ;~)