Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maverick: International playboy

Fifty years ago, he was a stud:
While John McCain attended his 50th Naval Academy reunion Saturday, a Brazilian beauty fondly recalled the affair she had with the young "good kissing" midshipman she met a half a century ago.
"He was tasty, loving and romantic," says Maria Gracinda Teixeira de Jesus, 77, a former beauty queen and dancer, of the young John McCain, whom she met in Rio de Janeiro in 1957. . . .
"He was a lovely person and loved to go out with me. I called him 'John' but he was my dear and my coconut dessert.
"He was such a good kisser that I had to purchase a book which taught me how to kiss to keep up with him."
Asked about John in bed, Gracinda says, "Of course we had sex...he was not only good at kissing but good at everything."
Obviously, this belated testimony to Maverick's studliness is the result of a plot arranged by Karl Rove to steal Latino votes from Obama.


  1. Like I needed to know all that salacious stuff ... TMI!

    Madeline Allbright and Colin Powell were on CNN last night talking about NATO and war with Russia (they must have heard it from Palin's critics), BUT, Newsweek is worried about how many CARS JMac has. Help, I need valium.

  2. Heh heh heh! That's what I want, a President who can really lay the pipe. The left is going to go beserk in the face of actual masculinity.