Thursday, September 25, 2008

How not to solve the problem

Hillary Rodham Clinton:
We should also put in place a temporary moratorium on foreclosures and freeze rate hikes in adjustable-rate mortgages. We've got to stem the tide of failing mortgages and give the markets time to recover. . . .
If we do not take action to address the crisis facing borrowers, we'll never solve the crisis facing lenders.
Moron. Let's go through this, shall we?

Q. "Failing mortgages" are caused by . . . what?
A. People not making their payments.

So Hillary's answer is to let people stay in "their" houses, even though they're not making the payments? What she is actually saying is that the federal government should give people houses.

By Hillary's reckoning, people who swindled banks by signing mortgages they couldn't pay are victims. The moral calculus of liberalism therefore justifies fraud.


  1. Isn't that, though, exactly what the bailout will probably be doing, in part? Both defaulting "home-owners" and Wall Street fat cats who were playing this losing game at the behest of big government will both steal from the working class. There is no bottom to that pit, people, all people, would just stop paying.

    Then again, maybe that is what is needed. Let them all have and eat cake. Diabetes of the economy would be disastrous, but it would prove a point (if it doesn't help end what of democracy is left).

  2. >The moral calculus of liberalism therefore justifies fraud.

    Isn't it the teleological point of moral equivalency, that fraud is the new virtue?