Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why he's Ace of Spades

Not the nine or the jack, but the Ace:
It was Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, ACORN, Franklin Raines, Penny Pritzker, Jim Johnson, and of course Barack Hussein Obama who actually [caused the mortage crisis]. . . .
Even now, the lisping marble-mouthed shufferin'-shucatash socialist moron Barney Frank is still fighting to federally guarantee the zero-money-down "seller financed" down payment mortgages that got us into this mess.
Because he's f---ing stupid. As are most Democrats. They have no idea how money is made or how services and goods are exchanged. All they know is they want to distribute those services and goods more "fairly."
He doesn't agree with the basic idea that People who don't have enough money to afford a house shouldn't have one. He honestly believes that idea is "unfair."
Everyone should have a house. People who can't afford them most of all.
And if you tell him doing so will cost the government another 1-2 trillion in ten years, and will put the economy in crisis again, he'd say, "Fine." It's a fair trade as far as he's concerned.
Because who's paying that 1-2 trillion? People who have money. If provoking a crisis is the only manner to get the wealth distribution he craves, that's fine by him.
There are nationally syndicate columnists, bestselling authors, and about two dozen TV talking heads who will never say anything as truthful as that in their entire f---ing careers. He's like Hayek or Mises, if Hayek and Mises had been sarcastic a--holes who said f--- a lot. And had comment fields full of equally sarcastic a--holes.


  1. If he doesn't look like this, I can only get so excited about someone branding their blog "Ace of Spades HQ".
    Not to say the blog, itself, doesn't rock, mind you. ;)

  2. Well written commentary by Ace, but ill-conceived.
    Everybody knows this is an institutional problem having more to do with the ethics of finance than with partisan buggery.
    I mean, Rick Davis is missing from the hit list, as is Carly Fiorina.
    And NO,BO doesn't think everyone deserves a house. He thinks everyone should have the opportunity to have a house, and that includes lower income whites( no -matter what Malkin says!)
    The difference is making sure that the financial racket does not favor the few.That means more middle-income families getting more bang AND more buck. I for one like the idea that the taxes I pay work more like an investment with some kind of return.You guys seem to prefer the Corporate Welfare model, where your money supports, not unlike a monarchy, those who need it the least. Silly of me not to suck up to the rich,to those wonderful fatcats, ala Hannity...
    Under the current system , in conjunction with Bush's "Ownership society", the mortgage industry was encouraged to lend money( isn't the administration claiming that Loaning is the engine of our financial system?).The fact that they sullied the practice is an ethical one.
    Besides, I heard no Cons complaining when it looked good on Bush's resume! The housing bubble was the G Dubbs trophy wife, his Cindy if you will...

  3. @young 4-eyes
    >He thinks everyone should have the opportunity to have a house, and that includes lower income whites( no -matter what Malkin says!)

    The implication here is that someone was being denied under the prevailing system.
    I'm probably not alone in having served in the military, acquired a DD-214 upon departure, and used a Veterans Administration loan to buy my house.
    Not a bad litmus test, for those physically qualified to serve, which is admittedly not everyone.
    My gripe, which you blow by, is that the Fed has no business in this market.
    Read Amendment 10, my friend, and justify this hogwash.

  4. Smitty-
    Yes, there were and there still are people being denied under the prevailing system because the system under this administration is geared to benefit those who already have a financial advantage. I don't like the Fed meddling with the markets either. But there is something inherently wrong with the economy when there are so many families being left behind while these Wall Street types benefit from the taxes WE pay!
    When was the last time your taxes benefited you?
    And I am a BIG believer in the idea that military personnel should get more from their Government for the services they provide. It pains me to see military families struggling to pay their mortgages or struggling to get by . It's a g-damn shame in this day and age and in this country that this should be the case...

  5. Young 4

    You're demonstrating the disadvantages inherent in the naivete of being young.

    Insight, experience and perspective