Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sully's 'hubby' says . . .

OK, so last night Obama accused McCain of saying that he would not meet with the president of Spain and McCain was heard to mutter what sounded like, "Of course not." (Allah has video.) But Andrew Sullivan thought he heard "horses***" and then had to issue this hilarious correction:
I've removed the original post of a little time ago because after listening to the clip about two dozen times, what sounded like McCain saying "horse***" actually comes through as having a hard "c" at the front of it. My husband insists that McCain said "Course not." I think now my hubby's right, although it's very muffled.(Emphasis added)
His use of "hubby" just struck me hilarious.


  1. I guess that clears up the degree to which Sully has abdicated manhood.

  2. Apparently his better half doesn't read his blog.

  3. I really assumed I was reading some third party commentary on Sully's observation. And no matter how many times I read it, I came back to the same conclusion. BWAAAHAAAHAAA!