Friday, September 26, 2008

'We get up early to beat the crowds'

Denver Police now have a new slogan:
The Denver police union is selling T-shirts that poke fun at protesters at last month's Democratic National Convention, but the main target isn't laughing. The back of the shirts reads, "We get up early to beat the crowds" and "2008 DNC," and has a caricature of a police officer holding a baton.
The front has the number 68 with a slash through it, a reference to the Recreate 68 Coalition, which organized several demonstrations during the convention.
Unfortunately, the hippie peacenik scum in Denver were such gutless weasels -- not a single Molotov cocktail! -- that there were scarcely any beatings at all, so that my hopes to cover a full-fledged blood-in-the-streets riot were disappointed.
Just one more reason to despise the pacifist vermin.

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