Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Exodus from the Examiner?

Two weeks ago, Mary Katharine Ham, who had joined the DC Examiner as online editor in May, joined the Weekly Standard.

Today, Bill Sammon was on "Fox & Friends" and, instead of being introduced as White House correspondent for the Examiner, was listed as Washington deputy managing editor for Fox News. (Apparently, Sammon departed the Examiner last month.) So that's two of the big names gone.

The Examiner is the Bermuda Triangle of Washington journalism. The paper simply isn't read and doesn't have any impact. It's a tabloid, but the editors have never seemed to understand that a tabloid is not a broadsheet. The layout is wrong -- if you want to see what a tabloid is supposed to look at, grab the NY Post or the Daily News -- and the Examiner has never had that aggressive, sex/crime/celebrity/scandal approach to news that tabloid readers want.

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