Friday, September 26, 2008

Arnold Kling on the bailout

(Via Reason.) "In my opinion, the proposed bailout plans could hardly be worse. . . . Nobody involved in pushing this plan knows what they're getting into." Kling has more at his blog.

UPDATE: Barney Frank is blaming House Republicans for blocking the bailout (via Instapundit), even though House Republicans are a minority and everybody else in Washington is in favor of the bailout.

Translation: Barney knows the bailout will be unpopular, and he doesn't want to give Republicans an issue in their campaign against the most unpopular Congress in history.

UPDATE II: Now Obama's cribbing from Henry Paulson:
When Sen. Barack Obama was given the floor to speak during White House negotiations, according to White House aides, he did so raising concerns about a House Republican alternative to the Paulson/Bernanke $700 billion bailout. But those concerns weren't necessarily his, as he was not aware of the GOP plan before reviewing notes provided him by Paulson loyalists in Treasury prior to entering the meeting.
According to an Obama campaign source, the notes were passed to Obama via senior aides traveling with him, who had been emailed the document via a current Goldman Sachs employee and Wall Street fundraiser for the Obama campaign.
Hope: A stooge for Corporate AmeriKKKa!


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