Friday, September 26, 2008

Got cynicism?

The politics of the buyout explained:
If Pelosi has her entire caucus in line to support the Paulson plan, then she has the vote to pass it. Some estimates have as many as 50 Republicans ready to support the plan in defiance of Boehner. If that’s true, Pelosi could lose all of her Blue-Dog Democrats and still pass the bill. . . .
McCain’s going to take the blame if they can’t pass it. Pelosi doesn’t need votes, she needs political cover; Maverick can’t give her the former but, as the GOP’s nominee, he can singlehandedly give her the latter by endorsing the deal. If he doesn’t, the consequences will be laid at his feet.
Or, as I explained earlier this morning:
Barney [Frank] knows the bailout will be unpopular, and he doesn't want to give Republicans an issue in their campaign against the most unpopular Congress in history.
This is why genuinely wretched legislation usually gets passed by bipartisan consensus -- nobody will pass a bad bill if his opponents can make political hay of it.

UPDATE: Now, Maverick is saying, "We need a deal," and Hugh Hewitt's counseling surrender. But, look: Tell Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi to bring their bill to the floor and put it to a vote. The Democrats have the majority, so let them pass some legislation. Let GOP members vote their conscience and see what happens.

You know what? I don't think Nancy has the votes, and that's why the House Republicans are getting the arm-twisting treatment. Screw this "bipartisan compromise" crap -- let's put this sucker to a roll-call vote.

Oh, and the debate is ON for tonight! Repeat: The debate is ON!

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