Friday, September 26, 2008

Sarah Palin struts her stuff

Miss Alaska 1984 swimsuit competition video:

UPDATE: Damn those Jawas -- beat me to the punch! Let the sexist objectification begin ... er, continue!

UPDATE II: "A despicable bid to boost traffic to his blog," says Gordon Durand. I'll take that as a compliment.


  1. That's it - I've gone from undecided to a passionate Palin/McCain lipsticked pitbull.

  2. Just how is it that the Left can continue with their blatant lies about Sarah Palin being a "social conservative."

    She's clearly a cultural libertarian. Besides this video, she attended Libertarian Party meetings in the past, she named one of her kids after Van Halen, and another after Buffy and the Vampire Slayer, and she even fought the religious right and nanny-stater MADD who wanted to close down Wasilla taverns and bars.

    SARAH PALIN IS A LIBERTARIAN REPUBLICAN. We need to stop referring to her as a "conservative" and MOST ESPECIALLY as a "social conservtive."

    She's anything but!

  3. She scores a perfect 10! What a beauty.