Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The nadir of politics

Doesn't get much more cynical than this:
Democrats in the Senate and House believe that if they can string out negotiations on the federal financial markets bailout through Tuesday, "we can get everything we want and more, including solidifying the Obama campaign," says a Senate Banking Committee staffer working for the majority.
"Let's see what the White House has to say when the market is cratering again." . . .
"This is a Bush and McCain problem, not an Obama problem no matter how much they try to pin it on him and us," says a House Democrat leadership aide.
So, your 401K goes in the toilet and that's fine, so long as the Democrats get what they want.


  1. That's a fairly dangerous game.
    Pelosi and Reid look a brace of doofuses (doofi?, doofings?) as it is.
    Could prove the crowning act of political seppuku.
    Of course, a non-bailout bailout could have the effect of convincing citizens that suffering an economic hangover is simple justice, and a step in the direction of long-term economic health.
    Or am I thinking wishfully again?

  2. If the media had any integrity left, this would be first page news. But that would only happen if Republicans were holding the economy hostage for political gain.

  3. A good pistol-whipping would fix that problem.

    Same for the "Free Market" jackasses such as Limbaugh and Pence.