Saturday, September 27, 2008

Of course Obama won the debate

I'm surprised that anyone could look at Friday night's debate and declare John McCain the winner, but -- for example -- here is Michelle Malkin:
I’m giving it to McCain — and you know I’m a tough grader on him.
He was slow out of the gate — a broken record on earmarks and spending — but Obama failed to turn the bailout debacle against him. McCain hit his stride in the second half, schooling Obama on counterinsurgency, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and Russia.
McCain was definitely stronger in the last 45 minutes than he was at the start. But this misses the point: What did Obama have to do to "win" the debate? He had to look and sound "presidential," and I think he cleared that hurdle with ease. Michelle cites a few gaffes by Obama, but he didn't say anything as stupidly tone-deaf as Mike Dukakis's infamous answer to Bernie Shaw.

McCain looked and sounded like a tired 72-year-old man. He simply is not able to speak spontaneously about economic affairs in a convincing manner. Obama's economic answers may be completely wrong, but they are delivered confidently. That makes a difference to the undecided voters out there and undecided voters are the coin of the realm at this point.

However, it was Friday night -- high-school football night all over the country, and I doubt very much that very many undecided voters stayed home on a Friday night to watch the debate. What they will remember is the soundbites from the debate, and this one may get stuck in their heads:


  1. Oh MIchelle... she's tough on McCan't and even tougher on Obama which shows me he did better than even she expected. But McLame's only hope is that people forget the lead-up to the debate. All the WWF style theatrics set the bar higher for McStuntman, even on what is supposed to be his area of expertise. Policy wonks will keep tabs on points, but most people I believe will look at the debate in context to the Economy and McCranks awful two weeks...
    McOver and McOut...

  2. For those of us who know the lies Obama spoke in the debate we know he cannot win when the truth is revealed. So he continues the lies. The liberal MSM has done well in hiding the truth of Obama that those who only watch MSM have no clue who this man truly is.
    McCain came off a experienced and knowledgeable of what works in our economy and what does not. Obama is guessing and there is no proof his multiple welfare programs at a cost of a trillion dollars in raised taxes will help to anything but create more lazy people living off of the backs of the working class.
    Obama repeatedly says he will reduce taxes for 95% of the people but no one ever asks him how far he can raise taxeson the top 5% earners when they already pay the largest amounts of anyone.
    Look at his social programs that are geared towards african americans and rare is one geared towards just the poor. One thinks it will be his way of reparations in making us pay for their college etc. Giving more affirmative action to minorities will only keep them down and will not make them go forward.
    McCain is not lying to the people. he is not making pie in the sky promises he cannot keep. He knows what government is intended to do. Obama thinks government should control the people and create a socialist control. Obama thinks take their money and create a larger government. With Pelosi and Reid and stolen votes it won't be hard for him to do. Any comment on the committee report the democrats stole votes to make a bill pass they wanted? Pass the bills, no comments or votes required marxists.
    Obama is a lying, terrorist backed, anti American candidate with absolutely no exeperience whatsoever to be in this position except he has liberal bias msm backing him and hiding truths and money backers who want fascist America taken down. This is a bought candidacy with Obama taking out anyone who gets in his way. And this post with the reasons why Obama should never come near the White house let alone the senate will be construed as racist.

    How many times did Obama call McCain by another name? Uh, and, and, uh Tom, John! How many times did the camera span over to Obama and he had his eyes closed like a sullen child sent to his corner? How many times did Obama say absolutely nothing because he knew it was true and he better not go there?

  3. >Obama's economic answers may be completely wrong, but they are delivered confidently.

    Bollocks man: are you implying that we should write in Fernando?

  4. McGod, Mc4-eyes. McBama both McSuck to high McHeaven. So McStop with the McShilling for your McMessiah already.

    Bob Barr McWon the McDebate, McHands McDown. McCheck it out!

    In McEssense, We're McSrewed Mc'08!

  5. With rare exception, elections are all about pocketbook issues.

    McCain has a challenge: to persuade the electorate that profligate spending is very bad stuff, and that tax reductions cannot happen unless spending recedes.

    Since he doesn't believe that, it's a double-challenge.

  6. From my "centrist to left" friends I keep hearing about the "me too" bracelet comment and how he had to look at it to get the GI's name.

    They also didn't like Obama's answer to McCain's earmark attack.

    Perhaps there is hope.

    Personally, I thought McCain flubbed the debate by not adequately specifying how Obama will raise taxes under the Obama plan.

  7. From my "centrist to left" friends I keep hearing about the "me too" bracelet comment and how he had to look at it to get the GI's name.

    Family Told Obama NOT To Wear Soldier Son's Bracelet...

    ...Madison resident Brian Jopek, the father of Ryan Jopek, the young soldier who tragically lost his life to a roadside bomb in 2006, recently said on a Wisconsin Public Radio show that his family had asked Barack Obama to stop wearing the bracelet with his son's name on it. Yet Obama continues to do so despite the wishes of the family.

  8. Oops . . .

    Some fly by night outfit called the AP or something seems to have another version of the bracelet story.