Friday, September 26, 2008

Ace going soft on Paulson plan?

That seems to be the case, as he trashes Maverick's apparent support for the conservative alternative:
McCain appears to be siding with conservatives and House Republicans who question the bailout and its costs to taxpayers as well as government rescuing private lenders and perhaps taking ownership stakes in rescued banks.
The alternative plan allocates less public money and relies more on tax breaks, lifting regulatory barriers and using less bailout-oriented mechanisms to free up capital and credit. It also seeks to create a privately funded mechanism to ensure mortgages and mortgage-backed securities.
The Paulson plan is an "insider" deal, and I don't care what Mr. Frankypants says, a "serious recession and very hard times" is preferable to Swedenizing the economy. As I wrote yesterday at AmSpecBlog:
The threatened "collapse" would not return the U.S. economy to 1929 levels. Financial institutions are currently holding assets that are not worth what they
paid for them, but the assets are not worth zero. . . .
Even in the doomsday "collapse" scenario, the ordinary supply-and-demand mechanism remains in place, and the reset point is not zero. Real people would lose real money, unemployment would increase, but these would be relatively short-term phenomena, and the economy would eventually -- in 6 months, 12 months, 18 months -- absorb the losses and then begin to grow again.
Nobody ever said capitalism was pain-free, and injecting Novacaine into the markets won't cure the disease, namely taxpayer-subsidized financial idiocy.

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