Saturday, September 27, 2008


Alabama defeated No. 3-ranked Georgia 41-30, and it shouldn't have been that close.

The Crimson Tide ran up a 31-0 halftime lead, but Georgia apparently made some adjustments at halftime, shutting down Alabama's running game and uncorking a strong passing game with quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Alabama's future opponents will study video of this game and try to emulate what the Bulldogs did in the second half. Georgia's defeat at home in Sanford Stadium -- combined with Ole Miss beating No. 4-ranked Florida 31-30 -- showed why there's never really an off-week in SEC football.

The Crimson Tide, ranked No. 8 going into tonight's game, will now move up in the rankings and may rate as high as No. 5 going into next week's home game against undefeated Kentucky. Let's hope Alabama doesn't take this one for granted.


  1. What exactly is "SEC" football? The Big 12 is where all the action is. :)

  2. Your Sick In Your Head The SEC Has The Best Fans, Players, Coaches, Tradition, and Stadiums. The Big 12 Couldn't Even Shine The SEC Players Shoes!