Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He was not a 'good guy'

DC Damsel posts about her breakup with a user:
He kissed me with passion.
He spent the night and always insisted on breakfast the next morning.
He told me I looked beautiful often. . . .
He was simply, a good guy.
A good guy, who simply, didn’t like me.
Oh, he liked you well enough, I suppose, but he wasn't a good guy. He was an evil selfish user -- and the most evil part is how he makes you feel that your own deficiencies are the cause of him deciding to move on to greener pastures. (Oh, yeah, he says there's no one else. Evil selfish users always say that.)

You should go key his car and slash his tires. You'll feel better. Nothing says "closure" like a restraining order.

UPDATE: OMG, she's reduced to tears while watching West Wing re-runs and asking existential crap like:
What if the reason I haven’t had a long-term relationship here in DC isn’t because I haven’t found the right guy?
What if it is, simply, because I’m me?
This may be more serious than I thought. When a woman starts thinking like this, she's no less than 15 years away from being found dead, alone, in a house full of cats.


  1. I'm speechless.

    I'm not gonna touch this one with a proverbial 10 foot pole...although I'm tempted.

  2. So he had sex with her, despite not "feeling it". Empty soul.

    So she ad sex with him, despite...well, lots of things. How is a guy supposed to feel about a girl who has sex with people as part of the love hunt?

  3. Although, how often is it them? There are a lot of women, finally, I won't even talk to after I find out about. I used to sleep with them on the way to knowing, but now, with all the risks and more, a return to Christianity, I won't even do that.

    Simply put, most women are not worth the bother, to even have sex with. That whole restraining order thing comes to mind, but there are other reasons. It might be like that expectation thing you speak of with your kids, only slightly different. What women expect from men today is what is wrong with them... Want two houses, 3 cars, a maid, a cook, and to only have to suffer one or two brats "for their part of the effort"? Go figure why you are alone and bawling.

    As for me, I will have a beer, read about some woman bawling, and just get tickled pink, and fuzzy, on the inside. Nothing says slut like tears, even if they are crocodile... or so it seems from my vantage point. *snap!*