Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Glenn Greenwald's paranoid style

Following in Naomi Wolf's footsteps, Glenn Greenwald goes tiptoeing through the tinfoil tulips. Basically, the Army Times reports that a brigade of the Third Infantry Division (which since 2003 has spent 35 months in combat deployment) is returning stateside. The Pentagon frames this as the brigade helping out with "homeland security."

Quicker than you can say "shortwave radio," Greenwald and the BDS-infected Chomskyites see a secret plot to subvert posse comitatus. Thus:
  • Deploy the Army to Iraq =
    Cheney/Bush/Halliburton neocon imperialism.
  • Bring the troops home =
    Cheney/Bush/Halliburton neocon imperialism.
You know, I'm old enough to remember about a dozen years ago, when anybody who even said "posse comitatus" out loud was instantly accused by liberals of being a Tim McVeigh wannabe. Whatever else you say about Dubya, at least he's made anti-government extremism acceptable again. I suspect this season of fashionable dissent might end rather abruptly -- say, Nov. 5 -- if liberal dreams come true.

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  1. >made anti-government extremism acceptable again.

    Modulo a bunch of big-wigs swinging by for a handout.
    It sure looks like the Democrats are going to reach into the bag marked '92, pull out the Economy stick, and beat the Republicans with it.
    McCain not having voted since April...the debate head fake...the win/win for the Democrats: nothing in whatever legislation is finally excreted will prevent agony for someong.
    It's a good thing there are still six weeks left and the American attention span is short.