Monday, October 5, 2009

The time is now!

by Smitty

Vote for #9

Iowahawk's STEEL CAGE ART DEATH MATCH has reached the "Ballotdome Smackdown" stage:
And let me say how completely astonished I was by the quality of the entries. Because frankly, I've always had a very low opinion of Iowahawk readers. As it turns out many of you are extremely talented! It makes me proud as the patron of this award competition, and enthusiastic about the other acts I think I could get you to perform for modest amounts of cash.
Vote for #9 again

The fact that the only really important entry is losing to a single, racist pixel has me feeling like Barack Obama getting eaten on Danish soil. Or a soiled Barack Obama eating a Danish. Or a Danish eatery soiling Barack Obama. It's all so confusing. Help me.

Don't forget to Vote for #9

UPDATE: for the old-fashioned types who actually want to Read The Fine Legislation before voting (a sentiment that is soooo last-administration), the sublime outing that is #9 can be seen in its feral glory here.


  1. I'd maybe vote for it if I could read it, but at "Original (216 x 539)" pixels, it is Greeked out on my monitor. I don't know if Iowahawk shrank it on you but it isn't legible.

  2. You lost me. Which one am I supposed to vote for again?

  3. @USCitizen,
    Hijacker! Miscreant! OK, #1 was funny.

  4. It only let me vote for #9 ONCE. That's not the Chicago Way. Given the subject, ballot box stuffing should be set to "on."