Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Stunning Rachel Maddow

by Smitty

American Glob has a clip of Rachel discussing polling and Fox News. She actually states that Fox is a "fairly diverse organization". It's a set-up for a swipe at the GOP, but still an amazing assertion for the lady.

The road to recovery is long and arduous. You go, Rachel.


  1. @TRG,
    Is being guilty of optimism a bad thing?

  2. For someone on MSLSD, may be. I am not one to trust apostasy from someone on the left, particularly from only one statement. Now if it was Janeane godawfulho, I might take notice. Kind of like the devil repenting. I suppose if Rachel is being honest and truthful in her statement, ten may be there is some hope. Who knows, May be Fox pays better than PMSNBC and she's fishing for a new gig. There I go again, the damn cynic...

  3. She might be angling for a gig. Perhaps Roger Ailes is lookng for a more manly replacement for Shep Smith.