Thursday, October 8, 2009

When the going gets weird . . .

. . . the weird put in a quick call to Woody Creek, Colo.:
Hunter S. Thompson's widow says she may consider a campaign for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colo., a development that could provoke fear and loathing in Aspen, where real-estate developers have long dreaded a return of the late "gonzo" journalist's infamous 1970 "Freak Power" politics.
Anita Thompson said in an exclusive interview Wednesday that she is being urged to seek the office by current Sheriff Bob Braudis, who is up for re-election in 2010 discussed the possibility of retirement in an interview last month with the Independent, a British newspaper.
"I'll have to talk to Bob," Mrs. Thompson, 36, told the American Spectator when asked about her possible future in politics. "The Aspen Disease is spreading in Pitkin County, almost out to Woody Creek."
Sheriff Braudis was a personal friend of Hunter Thompson, a Kentucky native and author of Hell's Angels, whose later books such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas defined the intensely personal style he dubbed "gonzo." . . .
Read the whole thing. And let the editors of the Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette consider that their offices are only 300 miles from my house. Y'all hit the tip jar.

UPDATE 2:49 p.m.:
Mrs. Thompson wishes it to be known that the suggestion of her seeking the office held by her friend Sheriff Braudis "has been a running joke for five years, just because of the posters."
My apologies, ma'am. What a huge embarrassment . . .


  1. The REAL mystery facing this nation that we beg our crackpot journalists to solve is
    Sorry for the apparent threadjack but am I the only one who noticed and I DON'T KNOW WHERE ELSE TO TURN-

  2. I always laugh when reporters brag about an "exclusive interview" as if pulling off a party-to-party phone call were a newsworthy achievement. But the total comprehension fail that occurred here made this extra funny.

  3. J-Pod says it well:

    The Michael Moore of Oslo
    John Podhoretz - 10.09.2009 - 10:06 AM
    I can’t agree with my colleagues here on CONTENTIONS that a) Barack Obama should reject the Nobel Peace Prize or b) be embarrassed by it. The Nobel Committee chose him wisely because he does, in fact, represent the organization’s highest ideals.

    He is an American president queasy about the projection of American power. He is an American president who rejects the notion of American exceptionalism. He is an American president eagerly in pursuit of legitimacy to be granted him not by those who voted for him but by those who do not cast a vote and who chafe at American leadership. It is his devout wish that America become one of many nations, influencing the world indirectly or not influencing it at all, rather than “the indispensable nation,” as Madeleine Albright characterized it. He is the encapsulation, the representative, the wish fulfillment, the very embodiment, of the multilateralist impulse. He is, almost literally, a dream come true for the sorts of people who treasure and value the Nobel Peace Prize.

    It’s the most obvious choice, once you think about it, since Michael Moore won an Oscar for Fahrenheit 9/11.

    You know, even Hunter when he was high could not have dreamed this up.

  4. Are you all right Stacy? This is unusual: you haven't blogged in 21 hours.

    Concerned in Cancun

  5. I'm SO SORRY
    I meant crack not crackpot
    must be the state college
    I still wonder tho-