Friday, October 9, 2009

No Sheeples Here: Loose Oslo Solo Silo

by Smitty

No Sheeples weighs in with some blistering YouTube-age:

It gets worse.

"He was merely flexing," said a non-existent White House spokesman of the Oslo triumph. "Al Gore is running scared, and with good reason," continued the imaginary source. "Here, check out this list we gave to the Acacemy:"

"We decided to limit the take order to half a dozen. The appearance of greed is a purely Republican thing, after all," continued the tool in deep knee-bend mode. "There are some other awards we heard we've won:" (h/t Insty)

Reached for comment, BHO said:

Update: Speaking of Albert Gore, Jr.

Update II: No Sheeples drives the Oscar bus just a few miles more.


  1. The Nobel Peace Prize has been rendered meaningless.

  2. This reminds me of a history class I took undergrad. I had to right a paper on the revolution, 5-10 pages single spaced typed with bibliography. I did so, and got an A-. When I went to pick up my graded paper, I saw another student, an african American, picked up his, and he got an A. What I didn't mention is that it was handwritten on one sheet of binder paper with pencil. I confronted the professor and her response was he's black and he has been discriminated against, and since the world won't give him a leg up, she would. SSDD with the nobel.

  3. Sheeples has moved from incredible graphic-artistry to a newfound video-edit goodness. I wish her the best of success.

  4. LOVE the Reasontv video!!

  5. Al Gore was in Madison, WI, today. It is currently 37 degrees here and dropping.

  6. @ Steve - That just proves that the weather, and you sir are deniers....