Saturday, October 10, 2009

Both undeserving and unaccomplished

"There was a time when the Nobel Peace Prize actually meant something, such as when Theodore Roosevelt won the award in 1906 for helping negotiate the Portsmouth Treaty that ended the Russo-Japanese War, or when Vice President Charles G. Dawes won the prize in 1925 for devising a plan that restructured Germany's World War I reparations payments. Hell, even those laureates who were undeserving - Mikhail Gorbachev, Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter, and Al Gore - at least had actual accomplishments to their names. But Barack Obama? Absolutely nothing."
-- Mike Larouche, South Texian

Update: (Smitty) Bluegrass Pundit enumerates the toxicodendronates who got the less desirable headwear.


  1. I've got friends out of work or facing work slowdowns - some of who voted for Obama. They are pretty pissed that while they cut coupons and worry about how they'll pay bills, King Obama gets gold Medallions for nothing.

  2. Dawes has one other credit, perhaps not Nobel-worthy, but worth mentioning here: his 1912 piano piece, "Melody in A Major," fitted with lyrics by Carl Sigman, was a substantial pop hit for Tommy Edwards (twice!), the Four Tops, and Van Morrison, under the title "It's All in the Game." ("Many a tear has to fall / But it's all / In the game...")

  3. UncleDan -- Try not to laugh at them. It feels good but it's unproductive. Have any of the Obiebots actually gone so far as to admit they made a mistake yet?

    BTW, he gets a gold medallion and a pisspot full of money.

  4. Who were the other nominations that lost out to Obama?


  5. (Actually, nicholas said..., but I can't get this darn sign in to work).

    Anyways, this babe blogger says she almost threw up in her mouth over it. But it was earned. Look, fighting for peace is not as peaceful as talking about peace. Barrack is a man of peace. He is willing to talk to the most violent, unstable nations in the world. Nations daily clamoring to annihilate their neighbors, nations building nuclear weapons and the missiles to carry them, nations training, arming and sending terrorist “insurgents” to kill and maim innocent civilians and the US forces trying to protect them. Sometimes he even has to wait for them to stop imprisoning, torturing and killing their own people.

    But hey, Barrack is a patient guy.

  6. Thanks, CG! I just added a video of The Four Tops's version of "It's All in the Game" to my post.

  7. yes, YES!!!
    ah, the sweet milk of Conservative outrage...
    yes, how absolutely delicious...nothing could raise our spirits more
    than the shrill crybaby misery of the Conservative movement.
    Uncle Dan, with his fictional friends who voted for Obama,simply make my day with their whiny bitterness.
    Uncle Dan really should remind his imaginary friends that it is the public sector that is putting them in their current fiduciary situation.
    yes, it is that beautiful shiny medal that is throwing you cons into hissy fits of indignation and righteous envy...yes, YES!
    Oh, nothing could be finer than this...