Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Breitbart has more important things to worry about than Conor Friedersdorf

Nevertheless, he condescends to take notice:
Conor Friedersdorf refuses to interview me as he continues to be my unofficial biographer. (I’m VERY reachable, Conor.) He writes opinion pieces on me purporting to be journalism. He doesn’t quote or cite me, he simply assumes and pushes the point of view he thinks I have and makes an argument based on these alleged positions.
He even provides free copy for Andrew Sullivan:
I don't resent criticism. I embrace it. But I do resent self-superior journalists attempting to malign me and my vision without coming to me to get my thoughts.
Don't waste your time, Andrew. They are The Republicans Who Really Matter, and their ambitions have nothing to do with anything you're interested in. They claim to be "conservatives" only because, if they didn't, they'd be just more piranhas in the liberal pool.

(Via Memeorandum.)

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll also wastes too much thought on Conor Friedersdorf. Ed -- everybody -- let me sum it up: It's about Conor. His ambitions exceed his knowledge, and that explains everything. Whatever there may be of ideology in Conor's peregrinations is summarized by Dan Riehl:
He's gone from Right to post-Modernist to the Daily Beast in two months. That's someone embracing anything just to find a home. I don't think he even knows what he is at this point.
Right. Politically, he's a platypus.


  1. RS,

    I'm a local activist here in the Southland. None of my contacts in either LA or SD have heard of Conor.

    NO ONE.

    And anyway, if he follows Anti-Semite Sullivan around for Conservative thinking, he needs more then one scooby snack.

    RS, I'm willing to get a betting pool going on when Conor joins the Obama Admin as a speechwriter. Anyone else in?

  2. "Politically, he's a platypus."

    TRN has recieved word that he is only half platypus. Therefore, he is properly described as justa "pus".

  3. Not terribly on topic, but wouldn't a good nickname for Sullivan be "Tokey the Bear" (it works on two levels, think about it.)

  4. Conor Friedersdorf's drivel is deserving of only one response: "ignore the troll."

  5. Brooks, Friedersdorf et al feeding from a putrid trough reserved for conservative frauds while they're still allowed and temporarily useful.

  6. Conor is a little chihuahua. He yaps and yaps but that's about all he's good for. His modus operandi seems to be picking fights on subjects of which he has very little knowledge.

  7. Isn't he the new host of The Tonite Show?