Thursday, October 8, 2009

Samuel L. Jackson will star in movie adaptation of Lynn Vincent's book

No, not Donkey Cons or Sarah Palin's new Going Rogue, but the No. 1 New York Times bestseller she co-authored, Same Kind of Different as Me:
Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to star in "Same Kind of Different as Me," an adaptation of a nonfiction bestseller that has been adapted by screenwriters Roderick and Bruce Taylor ("The Brave One").
Jackson will play Denver Moore, an ex-con drifter who develops an unlikely friendship with a wealthy Dallas art dealer named Ron Hall. The book, written by Hall, Moore and Lynn Vincent, was optioned by Veralux Media in 2008. With Jackson aboard, the script is now being shopped for production financing.
Ralph Winter will produce through his 1019 Entertainment banner, with Veralux's Mark Clayman and Jennifer Gates. Jackson will be exec producer alongside Brad Reeves, Susana Zepeda and Todd Shuster.
Don't worry, Rachel Maddow and Charles Johnson: I'll tell Lynn to say "hi" to Mr. Jackson for y'all.

Another book that's soon to be a major motion picture: Another Man's War, the incredible true story of the "Machine Gun Preacher," African missionary Pastor Sam Childers. Son of a Pennsylvania steelworker, Sam became involved in drugs and crime as a teenager. Fearing arrest or violent death, he fled to Florida, where he rode with outlaw bikers and met his wife while working as a "shotgunner" on a drug deal in a strip club.

After they married and returned to his native Pennsylvania, Sam built a million-dollar construction and real-estate business -- and gave it all up to establish an orphanage in war-torn Sudan, rescuing children from the terrorist army led by Ugandan madman Joseph Kony.

As Sam says, in Africa, dying is easy. It's living that's hard.


  1. RS,

    Check my last post.

    I called you "The Conservative Jules Winnifield,"

    And I guess you can call Conor, Brett from the same film.

  2. "Don't worry, Rachel Maddow and Charles Johnson: I'll tell Lynn to say "hi" to Mr. Jackson for y'all."

    It's choice cutlets like that. They keep me coming back to the buffet.


  3. There it is proof of Lynn Vincent's white supremacist associations. After all, we know that Samuel Jackson is always ready to play demeaning racial stereotypes.

    (I wonder if the usual idiots can grasp the irony here)

  4. Are you holding up Sam Jackson as your Michael Steele?

  5. Hey... Well, heck, I don't know how you'd like to be addressed... "Stacy" sounds a bit informal without permission, so I guess I'll just go with Mr. McCain...

    Anyway, I bought Another Man's War on your recommendation, and it's waiting on my shelf right now (gotta love Amazon!). I'm planning on beginning it next week, because I figure I'll need a break from plowing through Calvin's Institutes by then ;-)

    Keep up the great work; I've been entertained and informed by your posts, and am very grateful for your efforts!

    -- Kat