Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is Allahpundit losing his touch?

by Smitty

Blogger burnout is such a horrible thing. Carpal tunnel for the mind, if you will. Allahpundit might be showing early signs. Here is a solid post about the UN report of Iranian nuclear progress.

This blog notes that Allahpundit fell short of adding the obvious Gap Band clip, "You Dropped a Bomb on Me":

The exit question, "Ever wonder how Saddam would be reacting to this if he was still in charge in Iraq" misses the point that Saddam himself was fairly old and in the way. Uday and Qusay, the Joker and the Riddler, were probably more worrisome. They were younger and less predictable than the evil old warhorse. Which, possibly, may have fed into the House of Saud's calculus when they brought in the Great Satan for to make boom-boom in Saddam's room.

No, I'm not seriously picking a fight with Allapundit, who would, indeed, drop a bomb on me.


  1. He *is* losing his touch, though. Something's going on. He used to be way ahead of the game on everything, now it's 2-day old news by the time I read it on Hot Air. Someone give his mojo back.

  2. Frankly, I have been puzzled for months why Michelle Malkin still employs Allahpundit. Not so much because of his anti-religious, pro-Meggie Mac RINO-ish rantings. A seasoned conservative gets used to fifth columnists who have overtly breached the barricades. It's easy to deal with those types.

    No, what really bugs me about Allahpundit is his frequent, cynical posting of items about Sarah Palin. Not because he likes her--he hates her, in fact. Rather, he does it just to generate comment traffic to Hotair from Hotair's overwhelmingly pro-Palin readership (Palin posts always have some of the largest comment threads).

    He's a worm.

  3. Ya'll quit picking on my buddy.

    He's more a damn blogger, than all of ya.


  4. He doesnt just hate Sarahcuda. It seems pretty clear he hates any woman who isnt Megan Mccain. If this isnt the case he should make a better example of himself.

  5. Is Allahpundit losing his touch?

    You type too fast, Smitty. I think you meant to write: Is Allahpundit still touched?. And the answer would be a resounding 'YES!'.

  6. I hate to chime in on the Allah/Palin thing, but I am really tired of him posting the wink picture.

    We get it, Allah, you don't like her. We get it that she embarrasses you. I'd just like, for once, to read a coherent reason why instead of a cheap shot head shot.

  7. He's too busy flirting and bitching on twitter.