Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ObamaCare's secret weapon:
The Senate GOP Jellyfish Caucus

"Reasonable," "moderate," "compromise" -- synonyms beloved by the RINO sellouts who are always ready to roll over and vote for anything called "reform":
I am told quite reliably that in a meeting today on Capitol Hill, Republican Senators began to rapidly move toward concessions on health care because they are afraid they cannot hold their members. . . . Republicans are starting to waver on this.
Aw, c'mon, Erick -- "starting to waver"? As if, until today, Republican Senators were a formidable phalanx of conservative stalwarts standing on guard to defend our liberties against the unconstitutional schemes of the Left?

Are we talking about the same Republican wussies who endorsed Charlie Crist in Florida? The effeminate weaklings who supported John McCain for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination? So far as anyone can tell, there is not a single Republican in the Senate who possesses a sound brain, a straight spine and a functioning set of testicles.

If anyone is still so foolish as to hope that these worthless Beltway GOP closet cases might yet stand up to Harry Reid, Michelle Malkin says to call your Senator via the Capitol switchboard -- 202-224-3121 -- or call Sen. Mitzi McConnell’s office at 202-224-2541.

Man, in an urgent crisis like this, a blogger has to be careful to avoid typos . . .

(Via Memeorandum.)

UPDATE: "Grow a pair!" and other uncivil language from Blago Bloggo. Also linked by Jimmie at the Sundries Shack, Doug at Daley Gator, Underground Conservative and in Larwyn's Linx at Director Blue.


  1. "So far as anyone can tell, there is not a single Republican in the Senate who possesses a sound brain, a straight spine and a functioning set of testicles."

    What about Tom Coburn?

  2. Deuce wrote: What about Tom Coburn?

    It has been suggested that Dr. Tom possesses the specified equipment. I'll believe it when the top headline on Drudge is:


  3. Ah, such comments are sure to displease the Meghan McCain wing of the GOP there Stacy. But, I LOVE THEM!

  4. Man, would I like to do to the RINOs what these cross-dressing cage fighters (no sh*t) do to the thugs just after the 1 minute mark here:

    Stacy, was that a good blog-whoring segue or what?

    Your turn.

  5. Aarrgh! Enough with the word verification, already! Freedom!

  6. Invertebrates all. To add to this, Branstad is probably going to run in Iowa for a fifth term. Why Iowans chose these mush in the middle milquetoast invertebrate pragmatists.

    As far as a senator with balls, may be hillary has the biggest. It's too bad Giuliani didn't win, as he has a pair.

  7. Stop spending. Whatis so difficult that politician can't understand that concept???? Health care may have been a consideration had the congress not pushed throught the stimulus bill. U.S. has no money. Stop Spending!!!!

  8. Stop spending. We are broke. Stop spending

  9. there is not a single Republican in the Senate who possesses a sound brain, a straight spine and a functioning set of testicles

    Wasn't that the case in the Roman Senate just before the Visigoths visited?

  10. Dad29: I don't know about before the Visigoths did their thing, but it certainly was the case just before they voted Caesar Dictator for Life.

  11. Hmmm. I was smart enough to get out of California, my chiropractor is working on my back, and I've fathered two children and we're considering a third. So far, it looks like I'm better qualified than any of those fogies in the Senate. Oyster for Congress!

  12. I would opine that Senator Demint possesses something resembling a spine. He might be the only one though.

  13. There's been some backtracking since this originally broke, but the reason bloggers, including myself, believed it is because this has been their pattern of behavior in the past. Compromising their principles to agree with Democrats is the natural process for the RINO. You see, we have to get something done, or the people will be angry at us for not being "bipartisan." They believe all the nonsense from the state-run media about "bipartisanship." Well, when bipartisanship means Republicans dumping their principles to agree with Democrats, that is not a good thing.

    The NRSC loves these squishy, spongy-spined RINOs. Jon Cornyn couldn't find his ass with both hands. Talk a conservative game, sell out conservative principles inside the Beltway. It's why GOP voters in FL, CA, and CO are rebelling against Cornyn and the NRSC sticking their nose into primary races and endorsing the RINO in each race while trying to destroy the conservative candidate.

    Plus John McCain and his dimwit daughter trying to remake the GOP into a so-called hip, more liberal image.