Monday, October 5, 2009

Kentucky Killing: More Sparkman theories

BTW, I've seen the fax that contains this theory and figured it was from a complete nut, but JSH at Unusual Kentucky decides to fisk it anyway:
Things just keep getting weirder in the case of Bill Sparkman, a U.S. Census worker whose corpse was found tied, naked and asphyxiated by a rope in Clay County's Hoskins Cemetery.
The Times-Tribune is reporting that they've received a fax regarding Sparkman titled "I Did It" which seems to state that he was killed because he was working for the Federal Government. The fax has been turned over to the FBI. . . .
Fascinating as it sounds, I really can't buy the theory that Sparkman was romping around naked in cemeteries performing acts of Carradine-style sexual self-asphyxiation. . . .
SPECIAL REPORT: Death in Clay County, Part I


  1. A census worker is in a graveyard. Has anybody even lightly gone over the idea that he was doing a bit of extracurricular data entry? When I read that his truck was at the graveyard entrance, all I could think of was ACORN and voter fraud and census shenanigans.

  2. I left a comment on my family page, we were discussing this on your Hot Air post -I am Evil. They are interested, and turns out we are related to the Hoskins in Clay Co.,Ky., although our cousins are the Bell Co.,Ky., branch.

    Here is a link one of my cousins left for background on the Hoskins families. The thing people need to remember about SE Kentucky is we are all related to each other - more than once....I know, I know, insert hillbilly joke here. We are aware of the stereotype of Mountain Folk aka Appalachian Challenged LOL!

    I am thinking this may go down as another Appalachian Mystery. I believe his son when he stated his Dad wouldn't commit suicide so unless it was an accident, and we know what that entails al la David Carradine......although that still doesn't explain the FED written on his chest, and where he was found "Hoskins Family Cemetery" odd choice for a location for an erotic adventure IMO.

    One of my cousins replied with this link, after I posted your blog link to your Hot Air Post on this topic. They are interested in this topic.

  3. A little feedback from my cousins.

    Thanks for posting this. I really feel sorry for Mr. Sparkman's young adopted son.

    If I could write a mystery - and I wish I could - this story provides all the essentials of plot and setting and suspects. The reporter who traveled all day to visit the scene has done a fine job of reporting - I almost feel like I was there.