Saturday, October 10, 2009

Frolicking on McCain's Just-Reached Anniversary...

by Smitty

...a half-century of unbridled Americanism. So, yeah, that's going to dominate the FMJRA as much as if he'd, say, won the Nobby Peas Prize, instead of merely resembling one.

Blogospheric Birthday Blockbuster
All those who rogered up for the big 50:
  • Vanderleun's demolition of Charles Johnson's photography, "Dedicated to Stacy McCain on the occasion of his 50th Birthday", certainly deserves top billing. Wow. To quote Gagdad Bob: "I just reread this post slowly, in order to savor the sweet verbal abuse. It might be the finest piece of insultainment I've ever read." I concur, though, in fairness, there is worse photography to be found.
  • Little Miss Attila: "1) Do not annoy Gerard. Ever." But she does happy b-day Cynthia, Stacy, and Sean.
  • A Conservative Shemale offers the hat tip.
  • Cynthia Yockey: "Today Stacy McCain turns 50, embraces Pamela Anderson nude and says Rachel Maddow is hot".
  • Carol's Closet circulates rumors about birth certificate irregularities in the McCain case.
  • Obi's Sister rounds up the posse.
  • HotMES is right in there.
  • Jimmie Bise apparently suffered through my Wide Supra-Machinist post.
  • The Daley Gator offered kudos, with the expectation that this blog would say nice things about Daley Gator: "Nice things about Daley Gator". We aim to please.
  • Honesty in Motion sends greetings.
  • Pat in Shreveport make a shocking admission.
  • Rhetorican offers a hat tip.
  • Piece of Work in Progress says hi, offers 'shroom photo and a happy b-day.
  • Paco takes the cake.
  • The Fabulous Pamela links Vanderleun's awesome gift to Stacy.
  • The Camp of the Saints celebrates the Stacypalooza, including the Supra-Machinist post.
Could the Senate GOP be less impressive?
Fail, Epic (One Each): the Oslo File
The Bill Sparkman Report:
Pre-Milking the Cow
If the Left likes the idea, e.g. promiscuity, that alone makes it suspect.
Rachel Maddow and Nigel Horne
(Who really tempts me to suspend my "Names are sacronsact" policy.)
  • HotMES rounds up the outraged reactions . She also brings us in on a Tom Coburn post.
  • A Conservative Shemale has good coverage on the subject.
  • American Power considers Rachel among a review of challenges facing conservatives.
  • The Rude News picks up the story, along with an interesting tidbit about Greta van Susteren.
  • Medary states that Maddow officially beclowned herself.
  • The Classic Liberal leaps to Stacy's defense.
  • The Daley Gator puts it well:
    Thetrouble for Maddow, besides her lack of talent, is that the only people stupid enough to buy the crap she is selling are Leftists like her. Everyone else rolls their eyes when she talks, and hits the channel up button on their remote. That is the problem with being an intellectual pinhead. Pretty soon everyone gets bored with your spiel, and just tunes you out.
    Although calling Maddow a pinhead might be an insult to Zippy.
  • Saberpoint has some counter-speculations on Rachel. Stogie also supports Stacy in the face of the Nigel Horne libel. There is also linky-love for the Day-by-Day 'lanch.
  • Carol's Closet:
    It takes a lot of self confidence to hold one's tongue when being wrongly attacked. It also takes a lot of class. Stacy is showing that he has both qualities. Neither will be found in people who take part in drive-bys.
  • American Power supported Stacy in multiple locations.
  • So it Goes in Shreveport has the full transcript, and cheers the Horne missive.
  • No Runny Eggs gives Stacy a thumbs up.
  • Little Miss Attila handles the situation with her standard aplomb.
  • A Newly Conservative Lesbian avows that Stacy is not a white supremacist, allows that Rachel is a dupe. Cynthia also has a variety of video recommendations on the topic.
  • Bride of Rove spins the Wheel of Speculation for Rachel and comes up with "RACHEL MADDOW – FAKED HER COLLEGE DEGREE?" Nicely done.
  • Paco: "Rachel Maddow Rages against the Dying of the Light"
  • Pundette offers a concise analysis of the methodology.
  • Fishersville Mike: "Wonder how Rachel Maddow deals with little kids? That's right, she works with Keith Olbermann." But which one is doing the actual babysitting?
  • Eric Dondero supports Stacy at Libertarian Republican.
  • FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog brings in Day-by-Day and the infamous Press the Meat clip.
  • Bob at The Camp of the Saints offers a highlighted transcript and a flogging of Maddow.
Janeane Garofalo, Junior Grade Jack-Gas
Romin' Polanski:
That Alien Colmes:
The Sheer Travesty of the Voting for the Steel Cage Art Death Match:
[bilious belly-aching goes here]
Have You Helped Kill Newspapers Today?
Other FMJRA Outings:
Miscellaneous Shouts:
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner, in some of the most shocking shamelessness ever, admits to dragging Stacy to bed, in a literary sort of way.
  • In Mala Fide appreciates the linky love.
  • Chapomatic liked the recent Hunter Thompson post.
  • Jesse Hathaway expresses dismay that Stacy isn't all over the ACORN transvestite story.
  • Obi's Sister links us on subliminal art. She also recalls discussing the authorship of DFMF (let's just call it 'defoomf') with Stacy.
  • Kn@appster picks up an interesting quote on Stacy's gonzo cred.
  • Lesbian Books and News picks up the Rep. Jan Schakowsky denial.
  • The Mean ol' Meany had a painful looking Olympic photo.
  • Moralia posts concerning what must be some interesting domestic arrangements.
  • Rightofcourse seems to be saying that sexxxxxism is just as important as raaaaacism.
  • So it Goes in Shreveport hat tips us when Gryphen leaves his calling card on Sarah's new book. Also, Pat offers a link in a Kevin Jennings post.
  • The Classic Liberal rounds up news that the recovery cake is a lie. TCL also hat-tipped us on the latest Real Members of Congress post.
  • Track-a-'Crat has a great copy of the Race Card.
  • Troglopundit went just a little overboard with the Sarah Motivators. But that's in character for the Trog. But he recovered by quoting an IOC quip of mine.
  • Dustbury picked up the Chicago curb-kicking. Was it merely as pre-Olympic head fake?
  • Left Coast Rebel points out that Bob Dole puts the Noir in Rino.
  • One Big Dog has an Al Franken post and randomly linking us, as if that's all the more excuse needed for FMJRA inclusion.
  • South Texian linked us on LGF.
  • James Edwards links us while attacking Steven Crowder. But Edwards doesn't sound very edumacated on his point. Edwards should take a biochemistry class, to learn about how nebulous the distinctions he tries to draw really are.
  • The Rude News, with a cool Thulsa Doom pic.
  • American Power suggests Stacy apply for the WaPo's Next Great Pundit Contest. I'll venture that Stacy might prefer the gig to, say, gender re-assignment surgery, though by how much exactly is difficult to gauge.
  • The Left Coast Rebel tweaks us over the Pamela Anderson ad.
  • Bob Belvedere thinks that David Brooks is a flamer, and concurs that the economic fundamentals still suck.
There is your FMJRA wrap for the day. All oversights are due to myopia. Direct all brick-bats at Smitty.

And, prophetically, William Jacobson offers Farce Repeats Itself As History, which is a handy way to drop a hint that the same defective keyboard that brought you OediPOTUS Wrecks and Waiting for O-Dough is going to complete "Czar d'Oz" this weekend. Fear.


  1. I gave you a shout out on my blog. (You Have To Be This Tall To Go On This Ride) I used Rule #5 I linked to the Bill Sparkman Clay Co.,Ky., Census Taker's death and "How to get a Million Hits"

    Odd Goings On In Backwater Country.

    I haven't used Rule #4 yet but the days young ;)

    I got exclusive photos from the Kabul- Indian Embassy Bombing.

  2. Good man! Thanks for the links, Smitty!

  3. Ha! And they told me sucking up would never do me any good. Thanks for the link.