Saturday, October 10, 2009

3, 2, 1 -- Raaaaacist!

Brian Ledbetter at Snapped Shot created a GIF -- exposing an imitation of a Matisse painting -- that got him linked by name at Michelle Malkin.

Well, guess who cried "raaaaacism"? That white-to-the-point-of-translucence honky, Charles Johnson:
164 Charles
10/09/2009 2:39:26 pm PDT
By the way, I strongly suspect that the real reason for all this fake outrage is because the Obamas chose a painting by an African American artist -- instead of the "original" by a European white man.
OK, time to explain that my college minor was art, and included one semester in African-American art history taught by Professor Oakley Holmes (author of The Complete Annotated Resource Guide to Black American Art), so I know everything all the way back to the impressive ancient sculptures of Ife and Benin.

To say that this one work by one artist (Alma Thomas) is blatantly derivative is not to make a value judgment about anything, except perhaps about the standards for the White House art collection. Hell, I never cared for Matisse in the first place, any more than I cared for Picasso or Modigliani, to name two other famed practicioners of that intellectual fraud known as "Modern Art." (Modigliani is like a multiple-choice question: Bad draftsmanship, ugly models, or both?)

The fact that Charles Johnson sees this as evidence of racial prejudice only goes to show that he sees everything as evidence of racial prejudice.

Hey, wait a minute: "Matisse." Doesn't that name sound vaguely . . . Belgian?


UPDATE: More raaaaacist art. (Say what you will about Chris Muir, when he draws chicks, he draws 'em right.)


  1. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit writes that The Watusi by Alma Thomas is a fake.

    That's not true.

    Ms. Thomas did create the work. Unfortunately, as Lebetter's GIF clearly shows she was copying Matisse. Ms. Thomas should be charged with plagiarism.


  2. Who's outraged?

    The only thing I've seen has been some slight amusement at the Obamas' taste in art (especially when taken in light of the other paintings).

    CJ (one of the original Birthers) needs to calm down and drop the "everyone is a racist schtick". Pointing out idiocy or bad taste is not in and of itself outrage (as the Peace Prize just made clear).

  3. Anonymous 4:58: "Ms. Thomas should be charged with plagiarism."

    Well, to do a "study" of a Matisse -- or whatever her purpose was -- is not illegal, immoral or unethical, so long as she acknowledged the source.

    But as always with CJ lately, the interesting thing is not whatever it is that draws him to denounce the Right; rather it is the tone and content of his denunciation that fascinates. We smile at CJ's all-fired certainty that Eeee-villll lurks in conservative hearts.

  4. As a writer, I thought that you might find it unfair that writers are charged with plagiarism, but artistes are not criticized for doing a "study" of another's art work.


  5. Have you linked.

  6. How can anyone take Chuckles seriously after that???