Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

The future of Rule 5 was protected in Copenhagen last week. However, we have 7 years to wait for all that goodness. Fortunately, there is plenty of material at hand to wait upon.

Rule 5 would like to thank Jimmie Bise on Twitter for reminding us to tout Boobiethon.
  • Smash Mouth Politics reported on ogling breasts as a means of life extension. SMP had been intending to follow up with a post about the wife catching you ogling these famous breasts, but said post has been put on hold, or on a headstone, or something. SMP also holds forth Minka Kelly as a form of Hillary Clinton-proof mental floss.
  • House of Eratosthenes linked Sloane Peterson, whom I thought totally cute, but didn't seem to do much after Ferris. Back to his Alphabet of Beauty project, Freeberg gets to Holly Weber and Izabella Scorupco this week.
  • Yankee Phil says Audrina Patridge has a restraining order against a stalker. Dudes: cut that out!
  • Fishersville Mike plays the Miranda Lambert with guitar card.
  • Robert Pearson's Chest Blog has started up a series of Blogs that Could Save the World. Part I is the Bikini blog. Rule 5 Sunday seeks to highlight exactly this sort of intensive, scientifically-oriented blogging. Go forth and conquer, Robert.
  • Political Castaway has been sneaky. You go to the page and they've got some punt as a logo that looks like they just salvaged it and patched the hole in the bottom and declared victory. Then they post a video of a party that they threw on their real boat. Smittypalooza has been totally played for a fool. Next time we get together, it's on the Potomac, and it's on you guys!
  • Ed Driscoll reveals an interest in women in boots. In formation. With guns. NTTAWWT.
  • The Pirate's Cove, the godfather of Rule 5 Sunday, has a patented Sunday pinup.
  • Hair on Fire, to which I finally have subscribed, has a Chippendale post that makes up for the lack of participation from the ladies in Rule 5.
  • The Indentured Servant Girl has some early Marylin Monroe pics.
  • Troglopundit breaks down the Copenhagen decision to eight Brazillan vs. three Chicago women. The whole thing was a pure Rule 5 play. Best decision out of the IOC since they dropped Troglodyte Rhythm Egg Fertilization Gymnastics.
  • Three Beers Later brings the classic Pamela Anderson.
  • Rightofcourse offers Melissa Marie Gonzalez in a pic that is the raciest yet of the lot.
  • Knowledge is Power, especially weather knowledge. In this case, the Seattle Mist of the Lingerie Football League.
  • Paco say: "Ina Ray Hutton?" and we say: "Sure".
  • So it Goes in Shreveport has an Octoberfest post. Lots of cute knees on offer.
  • The Classic Liberal has taken didactic Rule 5 blogging to new heights: "This week we’ll look at the history of the Federal Reserve, and the very pretty Michigan girl, Kristen Bell!" It's an odd school, but one with much to commend it.
  • VodkaPundit includes Monica Bellucci in a post on Polanski. In contrast to Polanski, VP knows a good play when he sees one.
  • Nation of Cowards picked up on the volleyball theme.
  • The Camp of the Saints has breech loaded the Rule 5 cannon this week. Be careful now, that metaphor is loaded.
  • Dustbury is a fan of Shelley Long, for obvious reasons.
  • HotMES lives up to her billing, featuring Adriana Lima in a post that ends up slightly NSFW cheeky.
That's your Rule 5 wrap. Please send more tasteful stuff to Smitty, and I'll catch you later. Peace, out.


  1. Kevin,

    Enlightenment awaits:

  2. I missed a lot of deadlines yesterday owing to working a voter registration drive. Doesn't mean I wasn't thinking of y'all.

    Here's some more A-List Striptease and I'll have some major A-List Beefcake for the Ladeez in a little while...


    One more Rule 5 entry..

  4. Some hawt Henry Fonda/Kirk Douglas boyz-in-the-baths live newd action from "There Was Crooked Man"... for the ladeeez!

  5. In case that link didn't work...

  6. Haha, thanks Richard. That's been bugging me for two weeks now. Rule 5 is good!

  7. Wait a sec, that's Robert Pearson's CHESS Blog, but oh well, who's counting...?

  8. @Wahrheit,
    The truth is that this was a Freudian boob-boo of entirely intentional proportions. Call it an "audience check". ;)

  9. Heh, thought so--thanks for the link, it looks from the site meter like 400+ people are now experiencing a better life through the discovery of bikini blogging.