Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Regular readers here know Barbara Espinosa of American Freedom blog, whom I first met in August at the Right Online conference in Pittsburgh ("Grandma Is an Angry Mob") and who was my hostess for the Orlando trip last month ("Tea Party Nation").

Barbara will probably get angry at being referred to as Mrs. Espinosa. She's a widow, and is very much in the market for a new boyfriend. She has a lively sense of humor and flirts with my 17-year-old son James, teasing me that she's going to be my daughter-in law one of these days.

The trip to Pittsburgh that was the occasion of my meeting Barbara was funded by the generosity of tip-jar hitters, whom I admittedly don't thank often enough. And, as regular readers know, we're now rattling the Pasadena tip jar to send me to cover the Jan. 7 BCS championship game between Alabama and Texas.

Hope everyone will consider this amusing video not only as a well-deserved tribute to Barbara Espinosa, a philanthropist and true patriot, but also as a thanks to all who have supported this blog.

(BTW, in the video you'll notice 17-year-old Bob stroking his chin, trying to call attention to his pathetic adolescent attempt to grow whiskers.)


  1. 1) So call her 'Ms' Espinosa.
    2) Mock not your son's whiskers. He will have years to mock you before and after you are gone. :)

  2. p.s. what a beautiful family. :)

  3. Absolutely darling children, take after Mrs. "Other McCain"? I'm sure. What a wonderful Christmas Present from "The Other McCain" to to be pimped on you tube and across the world. I happen to know his blog is read just everywhere. Oh! Well, maybe I'll get some action.

  4. "The Other McCain" update on father in law potential. James has already given me an engagement ring {cigar band} honoring "The unsinkable Molly Brown." We are going to have a long courtship, waiting until he doesn't have to ask his parents permission. Since I'm so close to being one of the family, it's O.K. for them to call me Barbara. You made my day, I have giggled ever since I watched the video and read your post. I am reposting it everywhere.