Saturday, December 12, 2009

BlogoMathematics: Word Problem

On Nov. 14, The Other McCain notched its 3 millionth visitor. On Dec. 11, The Other McCain crossed the 3.2 million threshold. -- that is to say, 1/5th of the way to 4 million in 27 days. Therefore: Show your work. This might be on the final exam. And if you're a rich guy, please hit the tip jar. Three million bucks would be OK, but so would $10 or $20.


  1. 4 million on March 24 if trends continue.
    4 million on Jan. 8 if you go to Rose Bowl and run across field at halftime with "The Other McCain" written on your back.

  2. BlogoMathematics? Here I thought this post might be about how many years Rod Blagojevich might serve, minus any years off for good behavior!

    But your news is good, too!

  3. Jeff Goldstein said: Of course, when you argue something is “racist-sounding,” you are pointing the locus of “meaning” at yourselves. And evidently, that doesn’t work well when you’re a sanctimonious jaggoff running online Star Chambers.

    That is exactly it. Even Andrew Sullivan only called Stacy’s positions on his blog “fascist” (but for Sullivan now a days, any position anti-Obama is fascist, so no big deal, it is hyperbole). Charles Johnson dialed it up to “11″ with his “white supremacist” comments, but given CJ is claiming Allah and Ed Morissey run a racist web site (and are willing to bravely go on that site and post racist comments under sock puppet names to prove exactly that), again, just more OTT hyperbole. Personally I do not think RSM is some crypto or overt racist, but attacks from these individuals Stacy can handle.

    But attacks from a guy from the right? Doesn’t Patterico recognize this is serious shit? Beyond just ignoring it, he could have just said: I read the alleged statement attributed to RSM, disagree with it (it is not something I would say either), but not knowing a lot about it that is something for RSM to deal with. But what prompted Patterico to open his inquiry into McCain? Because McCain sounded “evasive” on Alan Combs show? WTF? So this so called “conservative” Patterico decides it time to do an on line “Senate” hearing on whether or not RSM’s statement from more than 10 years ago is racist in intent or something more? This is like free porn for the vultures on the left. There is nothing else more pressing for Patterico than to focus on R.S. McCain?

    It was really eye opening to see how Patterico acted with Jeff regarding Rush Limbaugh (more than the earlier “good man” argument). I have seem in engage in similar attacks with Radley Balko. Patterico let his flock of hench-bitches loose on Jeff, Darleen, and basically anyone who disagreed with Patterico (and then pretended he did not encourage that). But at least there was some argument that prompted it (Jeff and Patterico arguing over issues of language; Patterico, the prosecutor, arguing law and order vs. libertarism with Balko, who is skeptical of police/government powers). But this unprompted attack on McCain (because that was what it was) just proves every thing you noted about him. It is bad faith.

    Does Patterico have no shame?

  4. The answer is cheeseburger.

    For ALL of the questions.....