Saturday, December 12, 2009

Obama-like 'transparency' on Capitol Hill, as Senate votes on football day, again

Hey, let's vote on half a trillion bucks in new spending on a Saturday morning! In December! Two weeks before Christmas! On Shabbat during Hannukah! The same day as the Army-Navy game and the Heisman Trophy announcement!

Next, let's move to final approval on Sunday! Just when the NFL playoff chase is coming down to the wire! And basketball season is getting underway!

Isn't transparency wonderful?


  1. You forget that there are also two finals games in Division II, or Division I or whatever we call the Division the Montana Grizzlies and Appalachian State are in now. I think they are purposely doing this on days when rednecks and country boys are otherwise occupied.

  2. If citizens find football more important than keeping their eye on massive government interference with their lives and raids on their substance, then the citizens richly deserve the shafting they are about to get.

  3. I'm surprised they don't save it for Christmas Eve, or Better Yet, Christmas Day! These people are insufferable.