Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fun Facts: 'Tuscaloosa' is a Creek Indian word meaning . . .?

If you said "excellence," you got that one right:
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Alabama students and faculty won't have to worry about missing class to attend the national title football game in Pasadena.
The university canceled classes from Jan. 6-8. . . .
The top-ranked Crimson Tide plays No. 2 Texas on Jan. 7 at the Rose Bowl.
And as I noted over at AmSpecBlog:
Insignificant schools like Harvard and Yale simply lack the kind of commitment to excellence necessary to becoming a genuinely first-class institution of higher learning.
Oh, everybody talks about GPAs and SATs and Ph.D.s, but the University of Alabama is the only place on earth where you can get advanced certification in MTTC: Made Tim Tebow Cry.

No Harvard boy can ever claim that . . . .

As my intellectual hero Larry the Cable Guy says, that's funny, I don't care who you are. Please hit the tip jar and send me to Pasadena so I can provide exclusive coverage of Alabama's expedition to the frontiers of educational excellence -- the kind of excellence that also happens to involve good-looking cheerleaders.



  1. As a Texan I have to say Go Texas!

  2. My etymological research has shown that Tuscaloosa is actually of Choctaw origin. It is a combination of 'tusca' meaning tooth and 'loosa' meaning to lose. We would say 'toothless' today.

    The Choctaw thought the Tuscaloosans were missing teeth because they were clay eaters and would also rub the reddish clay on the back of their necks and upper torsos to give them a 'red neck' & crimson appearance.

    The Tuscaloosans wandered west and, as the story goes, 'were run out of the rose meadow' by a feisty herd of longhorn cattle. Their fiercest warrior was made to cry and the tribe tattooed him with the mark of 'Ingram.'

  3. No no no! Tuscaloosa is an African word that refers to 'ivory lying on the ground'.

  4. "..the University of Alabama is the only place on earth where you can get an advanced certification in MTTC: Made Tim Tebow cry."

    False! We offer that program at Ole Miss, too.