Friday, December 11, 2009

Support me supporting you

by Smitty

Valley of the Shadow, among a host of others we'll gather tomorrow, offered support to Stacy during this week's round of the Ancient Mis-interpreted Quotation Sweepstakes.

There is a substantial difference between disagreeing agreeably and offering tacit to support to the opposition via the circular firing squad. Congratulations to Right Wing Nuthouse for making the top 10%.

If you've linked Stacy's efforts to educate people on discerning wheat from chaff, or this blog in general during the last week, please spam Smitty for inclusion in tomorrow's roundup. I read an embarrassing number of blogs. There are a bazillion links to throw in the hopper. However, one always frets about the inadvertent omission.

Domo a-rigatoni-with-meat-sauce.


  1. Well I have sent the spam of the day to your inbox Smitty! I could write a long article on race and politics, receive accolades and accomidations, numerous linkings, however, that would require work, and I blog so I don't have to work. lol.

    Blogging is my pathetic as that is, damn Obama.

  2. You didn't make a racist statement and you are not a racist but you can't hide your hatred of the Gators, and you sure as hell can't hide your love of a mediocre running back behind a great offensive line.

    Don't even try to deny it.


  3. Smitty,

    Thanks for the link!


    Where have you been?

  4. badanov,

    You set up your shot, took careful aim, and hit the wrong target.

    I'm not sure of Smitty's feelings about College football in general and Florida and Alabama in particular nowadays, but as I remember from high school, he wasn't much into sports at all.

    And I've never heard as single even possibly racist comment from him in the last 25 years.

    What I'm saying is, you shoulda saved that round for a Stacy post.

  5. Don't forget South Texian! I've posted two entries about the matter so far, with a third (and final, I hope) coming this evening.

  6. Don't forget Carol's Closet, Smitty. My post in defense got me spanked and called "Sullivanesque". I've been called a bunch of bad names in my life but that one hurt.