Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear JSF

Someone pick up a phone and apologize. . . . RS, apologize for misconstruing Patterico's words.
-- JSF, Valley of the Shadow

Smitty already blogged about this, but there is a matter of honorable principle involved which the well-intentioned JSF evidently has not considered. (Ask Jeff Goldstein.)

I was peacefully minding my own business. It was a Sunday afternoon, and I was engaged in nothing more controversial than rattling the tip jar for my Pasadena trip, when Patterico started this, for no reason and with no apparent purpose other than to harsh my mellow.

John Patrick Frey is a deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County. He is also -- strange concidence -- an alumnus of the University of Texas Law School.

Hello? He decides to smear me because of a college football rivalry? And I should apologize to him? That's going to one mighty cold day in hell, my friend.

Now hit the tip jar so I can go to Pasadena in style. In all truth, living well is the best revenge.

Roll, Tide, Roll!


  1. I never thought I would support Alabama C.T. in anything, since it is a force of evil in college football analogous to the New York Yankees in MLB, but I just reached my tipping point with this post. Go Bama!

    And Stacy, you better route your flight through Anaheim.

  2. Well, it is good to see this latest blog war winding down, though someone in the comments at Patterco's is trying to pick a fight with Smitty over the "Porch Manque" thing. I'll pit up a final post abouth all of this at my blog later.

    One more thing: "Hook 'Em Horns!"

  3. RS,

    I hear you loud and clear. From my standpoint, if SOMEONE apologizes this goes away and we focus our attention on attacking the Left again.

    Maybe if you both do a joint statement saying "It's over, Andrew Sullivan has to watch out for both of us," I'll be happy.

    I'm unhappy that Patrick started it too -- I also included him in to apologize too. he seemed to have taken his cue to Sullivam and LGF.

    He fights back, which is good, but, for some reason, he thought losing both were bad -- I don't care. There are new Right Bloggers to support.

    See you in Pasadena! And thanks for the sidebar!

  4. Dafydd responds to Beldar/Patterico:

    "Sorry, my friends; but the Beldar/Patterico thesis that one can utter unconscious racism without having any racist thought is a risible humbug."