Friday, December 11, 2009

What matters and what doesn't

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide will play for the BCS national championship Jan. 7 in Pasadena. That matters.

Joseph Lawler engages in a debate on the relative merits of the BCS vs. proposals for a Division I football playoff scheme. That doesn't matter. To review the key facts briefly:
  • Alabama.
  • National Championship.
Why is Congress wasting time on a bill to mandate a Division I playoff? Let's get our priorities in order, America.

Everything -- including the name of the Crimson Tide's hapless opponents, who are to 'Bama what the Washington Generals are to the Harlem Globetrotters -- pales in signficance next to the the continuation of the Tide tradition.

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  1. Consider that congress could be spending time on far more damaging things than college football. And since Orange hoops are off to their best start ever (just beat #10 Florida last night; already beat then-#6 UNC and then-#12 Cal), while Orange football was only slightly less sucky than last year, I'm declaring it basketball season.

  2. I once remember a time when there was no BCS and the Rose Bowl was strictly a Big Ten-Pac 10 affair, but those times are now long gone, destined to be forgotten in the wake of modern notions of how college football should surrender itself up to the idea of a playoff.

    Now I only have memories.