Monday, December 7, 2009

An Interesting Question

Who is "TimB"?
How freakin’ naive are you? You need exposure to racism to know if it’s wrong? Go watch Mississippi Burning and leave the adults to talk. . . .
Wow, Dustin, you could really grow by meandering over to Stormfront. . . .
Dude, I have been trying to cause this conversation on this McCain douchebag for months! People like him need to be separated from the mainstream dialogue
This was TimB's response to Dustin -- whom I mentioned in a previous post -- and aroused the curiosity of "this McCain douchebag."

Especially curious is the reference to Mississippi Burning, a film I saw in theaters when it came out in 1988. It's not a documentary, nor is Deliverance, and when we consider TimB's references to "[p]eople like him" and "Stormfront," it appears that TimB wants to have an argument with a Hollywood stereotype of an ignorant hillbilly bigot, rather to say anything useful.

"People like him"? Why would it be so important to TimB that I "be separated from the mainstream dialogue"?

You see that this devolves to a question of his motives vs. my motives. TimB claims to know that my involvement with "the mainstream dialogue" is motivated by racial malevolence, yet supposes no one will question his motives for desiring to have me "separated" from that dialogue.

He has appointed himself Mainstream Dialogue Czar, and attacks anyone who disputes his authority -- a familiar sort of fool.

The Discussion Continues . . .


  1. TimB is a leftist douche who Patterico tolerates because TimB runs around the blogosphere trashing me on any post that mentions my name.

    He's done this ever since I kicked him off my site.

    Patterico's site is proud to cultivate the "right" kind of trolls -- namely, those who consider him "honorable" and who think people like me touched, and people like you "racist." TimB can comment there. I cannot.

    All this allows Patterico to show how different he is from the right wing "hate sites." It's all very metropragmatical.

  2. The fun part about ANYONE referencing Mississippi Burning is that it is a total work of fiction. Having grown up in Louisville, MS, and having heard that whole sordid tale about those murdered kids nonstop, I fear that the whole truth about the occurrences of their deaths shall never be fully explained. I guess that I can be thrown firmly into the redneck rube camp now, because I would believe that Oswald was the lone killer of Kennedy before I believed the story of Mississippi Burning.

    How in the Hell is this crap coming up, Stacy? This whole "The Other McCain is a racist" debate is getting silly. I understand your wanting to put this discussion to bed, but dang, where did this start?

  3. That Patterico article should be cited from now on as prime evidence of why there is not and never will be any kind of reasonable dialog on race and racism, until attitudes change. It seems that during any such conversation, inevitably someone, almost always completely unfairly, gets charged by some douchebag with being racist.

    When there's a significant chance of merely talking about racism that one is going to get charged with racism, everyone has a very strong motivation to simply STFU about the issue. Words you don't say can't be held against you by some douchebag that other douchebags will repeat and cite. Of course, in the long run, like the Tragedy Of The Commons, this does nobody any good, but the douchebags don't care, they just want to trash other people's reputations. Which is why they're douchebags.

  4. Uh, Paul, I believe that Oswald was the lone gunman. Were I forced to suggest a "Plan B" explanation, I'd guess that either a Secret Service agent or someone else working security (e.g., a local cop) accidentally fired his gun, thus creating the contradictory situation that the Warren Commission sought to explain by the so-called "Single Bullet Theory."

    But the crazy Oliver Stone scenario of a plot involving the CIA, the Mob and the Military-Industrial Complex -- no, that's absurd.

    Any film "based on a true story" will take liberties with the narrative arc. This was true of Braveheart and Capone and it is true of Mississippi Burning. The dramatic liberties taken by the directors of Mississippi Burning tend toward the portrayal of Southerners as universally hateful. That's why I bracketed it with Deliverance, is because both films are built around stereotypes of Southerners.

  5. "...a familiar sort of fool."

    And one whose opinion I would guess you would spend little time worrying about. This on-going effort to marginalize opinions without ever having to address the actual argument is pathetic and tiresome. It turns out these days, if you do not agree with what some hack on the left says you are tagged as a racist. It happens so often that the word itself is losing its meaning. It is the antithesis of open debate and the free exchange of ideas which this country is famous for. In my opinion, you use the tag racist on someone you might as well have taped the words "I don't no nuthin" to your forehead. The charge at its roots is in itself...unamerican.

  6. Why not we just blame Lyndon Baines Johnson for all of it, considering he was the douchebag who got Kennedy whacked so he could institute his socialist masturbation on the world.

  7. 'Exposure to racism" goes a long way toward knowing what it truly is. A lesson lost on TimB.

  8. Well, it didn't talk long for Harry Reid to illustrate my point.

    "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took his GOP-blasting rhetoric to a new level Monday, comparing Republicans who oppose health care reform to lawmakers who clung to the institution of slavery more than a century ago."

    I rest my case.

  9. I concur with Jeff's assessment of the troll-in-question. TimB is one of those loudmouthed keyboard commandos who wouldn't dare say in person what he says to people on Patterico's blog and elsewhere.

    TimB also has his own racism issues, for I remember him posting a comment on this blog last month referring to Texas - which has a substantial Hispanic population - as a "third-world" country. As a ninth-generation Texan of Hispanic background myself, I find such a remark to be ignorant, asinine, and bigoted - but par for the course when dealing with a leftist troll like Timmy.

  10. I did not see the Oliver Stone dramatization on the Kennedy assasination, but I would assume that his was a total work of fiction, much like Mississippi Burning.

    That said, I did not know that timb was a universal troll either.

    I still cannot completely swear off Patterico's site yet. But, the Palin hating is getting mighty close to pushing me away for good.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. For anyone tempted to presume Mississippi Burning accurately reflects History, I can provide a list of German films from the 1930s which will explain why the Third Reich's actions were absolutely necessary and appropriate.

    For anyone incapable of recognizing sarcasm without a big warning label, the preceding statement is not intended as an accurate representation of this Judeo-American's views. People who "learn" their History from Hollywood have a much-merited section of the Inferno awaiting.