Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Counting the votes on ObamaCare

Bill Kristol says Harry Reid lacks the 60 votes necessary to take ObamaCare to a roll-call in the Senate. If true, this is very good news.

Given the Democratic majority in both houses of Congress, the proper object of conservatives has always been neither a compromise nor the inclusion of some particular amendment, but simply no bill.

Any "health care reform" that could pass a majority-Democrat Congress would be, de facto, bad legislation. Whatever "health care reform" might pass a majority-Republican Congress might also be bad legislation, but that's a hypothetical we don't need to worry about now.

What we need to do now is KILL THIS BILL, and then make everyone who voted for it wish they'd never even heard the phrase "health care reform." Beat 'em so bad they won't try it again in a million years.

You might have noticed that Democrats haven't offered "immigration reform." They see what happened to Republicans after John McCain tried to push that through. Any "reform" effort in the direction of amnesty has been made radioactive, and we need to make "health care reform" equally radioactive.

Read all of Bill Kristol's article. It's very good. Ol' Bill isn't always right, but he's got this situation figured out.


  1. You'd think it would already be radioactive, considering what it did to the Clinton administration. Remember how Hillary's first act as "co-president" was going to be to have some secret meetings and hammer out a universal health care plan? People freaked, she backed away from policy for the rest of their eight years, and it was a major factor in the Republicans taking the majority in 1994.

    The only thing they've done differently this time is to be more public and more arrogant about it.

  2. Well, Kristol is certainly good, but the hyperbole and trash coming out of the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid is just outrageous. Kill the bill is essential to saving the country from a perpetual slide into servanthood. We are already heavily burdened by governmental bureacracies. This is going to forever change us. How I wish we actually had had a conservative running against Barrack in the last election, or even one showing up in the press now and again. Oh wait...