Saturday, December 12, 2009

Furtive Manbearpig Jester Running Amok


As the Naughties draw to a close, who has been more naughty than former Vice President Albert Gore, Junior? Not to accuse the man of lying: he's too smart for that. I'm quite confident he lives a 'filtered fact fantasy', where 'trained professionals' feed him 'groomed information' so that he can maintain plausible deniability at all points. By dividing the effort amongst several compartments, an organization can argue its individual integrity with maximal vigor while being nowhere near forthright, overall. For example, take Iraq. By force. Ah, yes: the raw CRU data were co-located with the WMD. Oh, ManBearPig. Anthropogenic Global Warming is your revenge for being unable to finagle a win in 2000, isn't it? I may feel another bit of farce brewing...

Farces come in various sizes. Hopefully the last bit of the dead 'raaaaacist Stacy' horse has been eliminated, as that zombie pferd was exhumed, ridden, flogged, and dispatched for the third time or so this year by Patterico. For an undead animal, it does manage to imitatate life better than an Alan Colmes post. Wasting time on that proved an unwelcome distraction from blogging substantial news. Let me move on to the FMJRA before I stand accused of over-selling Alan.

Roll Tide (though I confess a preference for Method, since meine frau ist one of thse eco-German types)
Last week's FMJRA was launched amid the Alabama win, which may have been the sand grain a the heart of a pearl informing a hairball that turned into a confusing eruption of whisky-tango-foxtrot-ery last week, courtesy of Patterico.Patterico Suave Starring In: The Case Of The Odd Timing.
One admits that this seems an 'inside baseball' story largely between Jeff Goldstein and Patrick Frey. It seems that ancient mutterings of Robert Stacy McCain are some sort of ping-pong ball between JG and PF. The sad truth of this, alluding to Ronald Regan, is that internecine warfare is joy to the foe.
  • South Texian got in early and played a strong defense.
  • Saberpoint dignified the discussion with the Shakespeare allusion.
  • Paco Enterprises noted the 52 card racial pickup game.
  • Villainous Company took a Tiger Woods swing in the analysis.
  • Carol's Closet hit full-on burnout.
  • Baldilocks: "Charles Johnson is gone. Face it. He was never ours. How about we let him take his delusions and slanders and paranoias and obsessions and falsehoods with him?"
  • American Power: "'s no surprise that Patrick Frey's trying to weasel out of his insinuations of racism against Robert Stacy McCain."
  • The Reganite Republican Resistance offered some of the LGF backstory.
  • Da Tech Guy speculated as to Patterico's motive.
  • The Old Rebel offered support.
  • Valley of the Shadow, as we've linked previously, indexed ToM and Patterico links in a handy way. His call for Stacy to apologize for misconstruing Patterico's words may go unfulfilled for the foreseeable future.
  • Snapped Shot is also fully supports this blog, fully grasping the underpants gnome business model under which we operate.
  • Enoch Root at Piece of Work in Progress makes a telling point:
    What I am saying is that the discerning of patterns is the only manner in which we can really even glimpse a man's heart. Again, I do not know the details of Mr. McCain's alleged or even real propensities. What I do know is that I am saddened because a man (any man or woman) can do very little to defend himself or herself once a certain meme is floated, introduced, embraced, disseminated--SYNDICATED.
    He then offers a related parable which is worth your time.
  • Bob Belvedere thought that Stacy's apology directed at POWIP was, hopefully the last word on this topic. As your FMJRA summarizer, I would cheerfully direct efforts at other topics. The defensive efforts of friends are laudable, but the energy could be employed more gainfully still somewhere else.
  • Protein Wisdom, home of Jeff Goldstien, was in the thick of things, driving analytic trucks through the contemptable Potemkin village known as Patterico's argument. See also this post getting at the absurdity of using political correctness to draw hasty conclusions. Goldstein has been a top-drawer blog for years, and is well worth subscribing and linking.
  • Little Miss Attila had the family photos. She alludes to RSM cryptically here. The latest dialogue with Patterico, apparently, is happening in her comments section.
Hapless Harry Reid:
  • The Camp of the Saints linked Stacy while rounding up the hammering of Hapless Harry Reid's slavery remark. Concur with TCotS's credit to Paco for best title.
  • Daley Gator reached Dennis Miller-esqe heights of irritation with the dim bulb from Vegas:
    Senator, let me make myself perfectly clear, it sickens me that a Marxist fool such as you is a United States Senator, until the next election anyway, those poll numbers are looking BAD for you Senator. The Founding Fathers would be irate that a miscreant such as yourself had been elected to any office, much less the United States Senate!
Leave the unspeakable unspoken:
Desperately seeking not to be informed about what other consenting adults are getting up to in private.Will Mark Sanford Caddy for Tiger Woods?
  • Obi's Sister quoted the front/back nine jape.
  • Bob Belvedere quoted Mrs. ToM via Stacy: 'I swear to God, Stacy, I'd kill you,' she said. Having come under that gaze myself, I wouldn't go testing that oath for all the data in East Agnlia University.
  • Mulieris Dignitatem linked the post about sympathy for the idea of ventilating Sanford.
Gearing up for the next exlection:
  • Mulieris Dignitatem liked the post about the people picking up the slack from the SCOTUS.
  • Bob Belvedere agreed substantially with my point, though raised the question of whether we should seek to eliminate entitltements outright, rather than punt them to the states. In the comments, I was trying to make the point about segmenting the argument, so that one can use Federalism in discussion with a lefty and not be seen attacking Socialist ideas *as such*. He replied by comparing my position to David Frum. Ow. Let me expand. I'm endorsing Socialist ideas to the extent I endorse unspeakable sexual acts: not at all. However, in the name of suggesting a tangible course of action, I'd say that Socialist ideas and every other uspeakable thing should be allowed to die at the state level, so that conservatives can vote with their feet and let the utopians reap the value of their ideas. Why? Because every human has a finite number of breaths, and why waste my time trying to teach one for whom even experience may prove insufficient?
Other FMJRA action:Miscellaneous Shouts:
  • Over at Progressive Alaska all both of the Progressives in Alaska take Stacy to task for failing blogging about Andrew Sullivan while failing to mention some alleged lie made by Sarah Palin on some Thursday. I need to write a cron job to go through Sitemeter and scrape this sort of hilarity more often.
  • Left Coast Rebel links us while touting Danny Tarkanian for the Senate to replace somebody with the personality of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Troglopundit feels a newfoud sense of acceptance, since Matthews called Sarah Palin a 'Troglodyte'.
  • That's Right linked us while posting Governor Palin and Michelle Malkin, and also on the post-trillion post
That's your FMJRA. Thanks to those who loaded me with links. Gear up for Rule 5 Sunday, sending URLs to Smitty, which will again have a tearline under which any Tiger Woods reporting will go. Sure, it's news, but infedility bites.

Also, links to any sites are concerned with Rule 5 posts only. Inclusion of a link to a Semi-Conscious Liberation Army site does not constitute an endorsement of their insurgency in Zambiniland. Those teddy bear killings are clearly in violation of the Geneva Convention, but Rule 5 goes on in any case.


  1. Go Ducks! Nice to know there is another Duck fan in the universe.

    Thanks for Linking JiP.

  2. With great trepidation, awed by those on the right who will disagree with me, I (tentatively) agree with the liberal judge. I think this WAS punishment without a trial by jury and other judicial safeguards.

    If (as we all believe) ACCORN was guilty of breaking laws, then try them, and have them duly convicted in a court of law, and punish them according to existing laws. Some at ACCORN (I assume, perhaps without reason) are innocent, but they too are being punished by Congress.

    Don't judge what is or isn't Constitutional merely by "whose ox is being gored." See the big picture. Next time it could be a conservative group being punished. What if Congress made a law taking away the FCC license to broadcast of all stations that broadcast Rush Limbaugh (or your favorite pundit)? Having an FCC license is a "privilege", not a right. We all hate ACCORN, but next time it might be a conservative group that is being unfairly singled out for punishment!

  3. Thanks for the links! In fact, I've used the Tiger Woods/back nine joke several times this week, including one meeting that left Oracle reps gaffawing in the floor.

  4. Don't forget, the Semi-Conscious Liberation Army is the ultimate coup for the Bermuda Triangle.

  5. "I think this WAS punishment without a trial by jury and other judicial safeguards."

    ACORN has no "right" to receive government funds. Nobody does. And cutting off those funds is not "punishment without a trial", it is Congress refusing to spray taxpayer money at criminals and incompetents.